The perfect gift is Love & Harmony

Some years ago I started using a few drops of lavender essential oil combined with ylang-ylang as a bed-time ceremony to calm down the mind and promote sleeping. Initially, I simply put the drops on a paper tissue flower and placed it right next to my pillow. I loved the marriage of these two oils and the way nurturing sweetness was being diffused all around the room.

Later I developed a spritzer that was more easy to use and I loved spraying the bedding and be totally surrounded by the scent. In this blend I also added sandalwood, and put the drops into a combination of lavender water, rose water and orange blossom water.

On occasion to my trip visiting friends and family in Hungary, I decided to pass on the joy I had whenever I used this aromatherapy preparation. I thought I had created the perfect gift, something they could use in their daily life, and something that had quite a bit of a content from my beloved island Crete. I bottled all the beautiful energies of the lavendula angustifolia hydrosol from the organic farm of my friends at The Lavender Way and that composed about 70 percent of the volume. This specific lot did not include orange blossom water from the flowers collected near Chania. I never make compromises in using the highest quality ingredients, and when I am missing something from a previous recipe, I simply create a new one!

Creating Love & Harmony
Creating Love & Harmony

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