AROMATIC & Medicinal Plants

If you use herbs in cooking and enjoy herbal teas, medicinal plants are most likely already part of your life. Understanding quality, dosage and preparation, however, all makes a huge difference, when we apply herbals for our health and wellbeing.

Involving the magic and rich possibilities plants & herbs have to offer may spice up our life. It does start with colours, shapes and smell, and goes way beyond our senses as we infinitely benefit from their companion and healing properties. Inner beauty, balanced diet, conscious healing, wellbeing, and ceremonies interwoven with plant wisdom is where my passion goes to share my herbal devotion with you. A life-long journey for everyone on the path of a truly holistic living. Passing on my experiences to inspire and empower others, I am teaching through my writing, photography, coaching, aromatic workshops and retreats, as well within various other arrangements.

THE ART of Distillation

From Field To Bottle


Distillation is an age-old extraction method using water and/or steam to transform aromatic plants into essential oils and aromatic waters. The vessels and techniques that have been applied around the world are amazingly versatile. Yet, the most traditional instrument that symbolises the union of the trade is the beautiful copper alembic still composed by a spherical retort, an onion-shaped top with a long spiral pipe going into a condenser. That’s definitely a place where magic happens.

Over the years, with natural curiosity and inherent need for purity, I imperceptibly delved myself into the process of understanding the beautiful nature of essential oils and aromatic waters, and the process of making them. I create magical botanical distillates and through them transformative experiences. Drop by drop. Day by day. This is how we grow.


Body. Mind. Space. Soul.

HOLISTIC Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic complementary alternative therapy that helps restoring and promoting balance on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level by using essential oils, aromatic waters, base vegetable oils, and other herbal formulations. Beyond physical means, aromatherapy indirectly develops high level of consciousness in relation to our alliance, healthy way of life, and connectedness to nature.

My aromatherapy approach diffuses through all aspect of life. From wellness to wholeness, leisure to pleasure, kitchen to bathroom, work and passion – aromatic and medicinal plants are my companion to enrich life and share mindful, healthy and life-changing products and practices with others. I am offering classes, treatments and bespoke formulated products in various forms.


Body. Mind. Space. Soul.


Botanical perfumes are soul medicine. Natural ingredients transformed into scented messengers. Jewels of our self-care, health-care and self-love. Teachers about sense and sensibility. Practice of compassion, humbleness and respect towards the offerings of mother Earth. Understanding these living compositions, background and power translates into the knowing of oneself. One engaged into botanical perfumery is also being truthful to the inner demand of pure quality and true naturals. Creating and using botanical perfumes is a Journey.

I invite you as a fragrant adventurer to step into this magical alchemy through allowing botanical perfumes dancing with your own chemistry. My botanical perfumes are made in small batches, with the highest quality of pure essential oils, vegetable oils and other plant extracts, truly natural ingredients. They are not available in shops, please get in touch if they are calling you.


Fragrant hands-on workshop with an introduction to aromatherapy and learning about essential oils, aromatic waters, and other herbal formulations. We explore aromatics to support well-being on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.


The ancient art of distilling aromatic and medicinal plants is an exciting chapter in modern holistic studies. Join me to understand the process, learn about the methods, and explore how various plant parts - flowers, fruits, leaves, seeds, resins or wood - are being transformed.

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