Extractions and Distractions – A Survival Guide For Aromatic Living in Lockdown – Part 1

By sharing excerpts from her journal, plant alchemist Ildiko Berecz would like to offer some highlights of the past year of how life went on during the pandemic with almost a whole year of lockdown on the Mediterranean Island of Crete in Greece. It is highly emphasised that the journal is not a panacea for pandemic, neither complete nor unbiased, yet focuses on the bright side of a dark year with aromatic and medicinal plants.

Take Your Thyme, Be Strong & Courageous

As I contemplate over the characteristics of thyme and the richness of my own personal history and experiences with it, I recall these words from the Hungarian poet Mihály Váci:     It’s not enough to fear,Fight the fight instead.It’s not enough to flicker,But burn with flames of red.Not enough to talk.But say what’s not …

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