With a profound holistic perspective on life, my work focuses on transformative personal and professional developments through therapeutic work, consultations, coaching and mentoring sessions. I walk my talk, and I offer my support on the individual path of healing, empowerment, and creative self-realization in a multifaceted way. This is your invite into the richness of this experience to benefit from both my intuitive guidance and educated knowledge as the source of wisdom in teaching and empowering you TO WALK YOUR TALK too!


Life-transformation CONSULTATIONS

My individual life-transformation consultations are offered with great pleasure when:

Being trained in various healing and self-development modalities, my personal support style combines intuitive personal development, life- and health coaching and mentoring. My vast experience of being a businesswoman and entrepreneur for over 20 years – before my own major life-change 10 years ago – adds core qualities of a researcher approach, analytical understanding, structural and strategic thinking, and the ability to explore communication channels.

As a human being and a therapist, I have an open and interested personality to search, watch, listen, understand, act, react and reflect thoughts, feelings and actions of other people. It is my way of existence to inspire, enlighten and encourage people in their endeavours.

I offer these creative and holistic individual sessions to help you recognise and understand your existing values, develop more trust towards the less trusted ones, and building on these gifts, I show you how to use your true power and capabilities in order to live a more meaningful and happy life.

The various life-transformation consultation modalities I provide are all beautiful opportunities to make steps towards harmony with yourself that is a base for a life in harmony with one another and with the Universe.

Which pathway is calling you most right NOW?


These individual sessions are intensive, focused, but free-style dialogues, reflections and teachings to make you feel more free, courageous and creative in promoting your own balance, inner peace and transformation.


Ildiko’s intuitive plants card readings provide powerful support and clarity for directions in life and bring joy, wisdom and fulfilment for the way ahead. You learn about yourself through the qualities of the plants.


Empowering you with exctracts and blends of aromatic and medicinal plants to enrich your life and support in healing. Ildiko's aromatherapy approach diffuses through many aspects of life, kitchen to bathroom, wellness to wholeness, leisure to pleasure, work and passion.


An explorative and transformative experience, a multidimensional guided journey, where I am offering my loving presence – either in person or online – guiding you to embrace your gifts and expand your light. While spiritual in nature, it tends to be aromatic, sensory, embodying and practical. Creative, encouraging, inspiring.

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Sessions are available:

– Online via Zoom/Skype/Whatsup
– In-person at my aromatic sanctuary

The duration of the sessions are offered with generous extensions when needed, within an interval of 15 minutes, to ease any time pressure. Whether one session is shorter or longer, and what we can fit in rather depends on individual dynamics, not necessarily the length of time.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, you may use the message section in the form here.


If you need support, find it now!

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