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Translucent beauties before sunset.

Why you are here in the matrix

In times of such intensity, a single week can carry me through the Art of botanical perfumery, Thai massage workshop, improvisation dance class, art photography, essential massage to a soul brother, designing the next retreat, running around the village, swimming at the sea, visiting Manolis’ farm to feel the energies and take some pictures… while still having fun with

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Crete Rocks!

An amazing day walking my favourite path in pure Cretan nature, old rocks, new flowers, animals, colours and scents. Meditation on the go. Walking sticks felt funny as I don’t use them, but it was ok for a bit of extra exercise. What can I say: walk this way…!  

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Transformative journeys on Crete

Individual or small-group transformative holiday programme on the beautiful Greek island of Crete where we work together with participants bearing openness and willingness to be the change and become creative partners to tune into their own life-changing process. In the settings of the inspiring Cretan landscape we are tapping into present life stages, mapping actual physical, mental, emotional and

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Love Liberates

Love Liberates

An extract from the beautiful life story of Maya Angelou as remembering the love and powerful words of her mother. I wish this liberating love be expressed and experienced by all more often. “My mother stopped me and said, ‘Wait a minute baby.’ – I was 22 years old – ‘Wait a minute baby. You know I think

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