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Lemongrass, A Drop Beyond Imagination

Just had a quiet moment to check on the bottles from the second lemongrass distillation I’d made five weeks ago from the plants at Leonidas’ beautiful farm (You can read about the collection, processing and distillation in Lemongrass – Expect The Unexpected). No wonder my first report got titled ‘Expect The Unexpected’ – now looking

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Voluptuous Honey Bath of The Wounded Healer

I was reading this amazing article Aromatic Molecules, Medicine of the Soul and the Alchemical Journey from herbalist and aromatherapist Cathy Skipper. She speaks from my Heart and sings to my Soul through sharing her own story as going through the alchemy of life. Every single letter of Cathy’s writing carries such a plentitude of uplifting wisdom

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Aromatic journeys on Crete

Individual or small-group aromatic discovery programme on the scented and scenic Greek island of Crete. The Cretan soil and sunshine, and overall the special microclimate of the island itself results in an extremely diverse flora with unique characteristics to provide an unforgettable experience with lots of exciting adventures for a lifetime to any herbal or

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