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Distillation is a journey for us, and we invite you to journey with us through our precious hydrosols! If you are like me and would like to brighten up your days with plant aromatics to meet your mood, your personal needs for aromatherapy applications and blending, I invite you to create your own aromatic hydrosol sets from our artisan distillations.

We thank you for honouring the Plants and our aromatic co-creations!
Our ethics, education & scented stories are transparent and available on our website and many of our aromatic adventures can be enjoyed here in our Aromatic Journal, of followed on our Instagram or Facebook accounts.

For your personal hydrosol Discovery Pack, you may select a collection of 30 ml, 50 ml or 100 ml bottles of our various plant distillates. Please scroll down to see what we have available this season. Please note, however, that all hydrosols, occasionally some essential oils, and other plant formulations are subject to availability.


Simply and profoundly, the alchemical mist as a scented messenger makes an immediate effect for our feel-good and well-being. However, we can enjoy using the benefits of aromatic waters in various ways for our Space, Body, Mind & Soul. So far, I have distilled over 40 different plants (and still counting…). What is currently available is shown below. Just pick yours from this list and send in your inquiry!

We believe in freedom and personal choices. We invite you to create your own aromatic kit by selecting from the hydrosols we currently have available. Please understand that due to our small-scale educative distillations, we only have a relatively small amount of these lovely aromatic waters at a time. We do our best to distill by the season and be able to share with those who appreciate these individual creations.

Kindly use this list as a reference, choose the hydrosols you wish to experience, and the preferred size from the drop-down menu. Please add your details and feel free to complete with any personal messages you want to add. We will get back to you to confirm the availability and payment options.

Thank you for your interest!
We appreciate your support,
and believe it is our shared mission!

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Artisan-distilled hydrosols

Hydrosols, hydrolats or aromatic waters are very gentle water-based solutions, created through the process of distillation and has been used throughout history. Ildiko’s distillations of Cretan aromatic plants are carried out with a traditional copper still, in small batches within a slow and artisanal setup.

Each and every distillation is a new journey, a contemplation, an experiment and exploration finding bridges between the Spirit of Plant Kingdom and the Soul of our Human Nature. Ildiko’s artisan hydrosols are to be experienced and enjoyed, as well as here to assist you keep learning about genuine authentic medicinal aromatics.

Distillation is a journey, and so are hydrosols!


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