– Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

Storytelling, myths, and symbolism appear in our lives from the moment we are born, if not earlier. Ever wondered what form they may take and how they permeate our inner world?… Perhaps, make yourself a soothing decoction from the wonderful leaves of Melissa, and then decide whether to continue reading my composition with an open mind, or else, start out with your own research to gain further experience.

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Marjoram – Reclaim Your Calm, Regain Your Strength

Spring is the season of renewal, and also the time when nature showcases its abundance and offers unprecedented streaming bandwidth for those who wish to connect and witness changes from one hour to the next. By the time May arrives, Oregano is typically ready for harvest on Crete and I was preparing myself to invite this power plant as a guest speaker for this chapter of my aromatic adventures…

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Lemongrass – Always Greener On The Other Side?

In the series of my unexpected encounters on Crete, there came lemongrass one day and greeted me with a sort of casual looking grass appearance tufted with some grounded elegance. There is no way you just overlook a hugely overgrown tussock like this with grand linear and lanceolate leaves. A straight character catching you with its refreshing an uplifting tonality.

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