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3 different creatures working on a beautiful wild onion flower
Let’s learn finally the wild edible plants of Crete!

A workshop organised with my friend Joelle (who happened to have a yurt in Crete) and guided by Grandma Olga who knows the best horta and isn’t afraid to share it with the public. Not only it is a great way to exercise having a walk in nature, but also lets us create a healthy diet in an economic way. An opportunity to have fun as a group, or enjoy some peaceful time whenever you go collecting wild edible plants. Grandma Olga gives us the opportunity to learn what and how to collect, and after that we clean and cook our plants and eat them together.

QiGong Marathon 2015 – Retreat in Crete

One of the first co-creation projects being manifested on this website is a QiGong retreat program in Crete. With an international teacher who has been trained and practicing authentic QiGong in the Shaolin Temple and who teaches this knowledge on the highest level a European teacher is allowed to do.

The Marathon QiGong week-long practice will be seasoned by alternative programs and inspirational events around Crete to complete the week with local experiences, aromatic journeys, fresh thoughts and memorable feelings for a fully-recharged return to a new beginning.

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