Dedicated to an authentic aromatic path I live and teach various aspects, theories and practice of aromatherapy, from clinical therapeutics to everyday life. Aromatic retreats, field trips and workshops are opportunities for studying with me while experiencing the aromatic world first hand in nature. Consultations, treatments and bespoke aromatic products are offered to support you in healing and well-being.

New to Aromatherapy? Let me give you a short introduction here: Aromatherapy is a holistic complementary alternative therapy that helps restoring and promoting balance on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level by using essential oils, aromatic waters, base vegetable oils, and other herbal formulations. Beyond physical means, aromatherapy indirectly develops high level of consciousness in relation to our alliance, healthy way of life, and connectedness to nature.


Healing and wellbeing for Body, Mind, Space & Soul

Aromatherapy blends

As a trained and certified holistic clinical aromatherapist, I create aromatherapy blends for healing and wellbeing. The aim is to find balance, and support ourselves to re-gain and remain in this blessed state. Always with a specific intention and to allow the innate intelligence within us to do its part of the work. The blends carry empowering messages, inspirations to open new doors, to seek out more guidance, to study for further understanding, or simply assist in relaxation and meditative practices.

Using only the highest quality, genuine, authentic aromatics and plant materials, our formulations are to address various areas, for instance, stress, anxiety, sleeping problems, headaches, respiratory issues, musculoskeletal, hormonal problems, skin issues, inflammations, etc. Our beautiful herbal synergies are also customised aromatherapy face creams, tonics & cleansers, scrubs, body & massage oils, anointing oils, pulse-point roll-on oils, and botanical perfumes. In addition, I encourage the use and offer my own artisan aromatics to be used as face & body mists, aura sprays, and ceremonial waters,
 just as I use them in my daily life for joy, nourishment, and sacred practices.


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