"The beauty of working with Plants is that they give us a chance to gradually re-connect with the many layers of wisdom, one step at a time, always offering as much as you are able to receive in order to penetrate any given level."

We are in the process of remembering and re-learning age-old wisdom that has somewhat been loosing its presence and significance in the last generations of humankind. Connecting ourselves with Nature, treasuring her gifts and empowering ourselves by bringing this direct connection into our everyday life is a major support in leading a healthy life-style, maintaining our well-being and healing unbalances of mind, body and soul.


Presence in Nature is equally important to herbal products as food, beauty and medicine.

Traditional Herbal Medicine

Our ancestors intuitively perceived the wisdom of nature. Τhey connected to the many wonders of trees, flowers and herbs through direct experience. The knowledge they acquired has been in use for over thousands of years. This accumulated knowledge is now being examined and further developed by science, organized into a new framework for modern man. Just a few things to think about, I propose here some food for thoughts.

To begin with, it is well worth the effort to dig into the basics and review some of the classic forms and ways medicinal herbs can be applied, since time immemorial these have been available to us for supporting a healthy body, mind and spirit. Most probably you have encountered some of the common uses of medicinal plants, such as fresh or dried herbs in your life. In addition, it can be beneficial and self-empowering to learn about the wonderful possibilities that tinctures, macerates, infused oils, essential oils and aroma waters have to offer, and to explore other aspects and modalities of energy medicine such us flower essences.

Various forms of using medicinal herbs provide us with plenty of opportunities to choose the method that is most suitable for needs and purposes. Depending on the individual herb, they may offer their best in different ways. It is paramount to have proper knowledge about herbs and their applications in order to use them safely and effectively. Until you become completely comfortable with this area, it is always recommended to consult an expert, a herbalist or other therapist in the field.

Let’s not forget that medicinal plants – just like us human beings – are children of nature! They gain their true strength from nature, and we must respect that from the very beginning of our work with them, both during their growth, and when harvesting and processing plants. It is also important that our products that are ‘made from plants’ contain only natural raw materials and are free from synthetic ingredients, whether we use them for wellness, cosmetics, or medicinal purposes.


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