Farm life

Organic, extra virgin, cold-pressed

Greeks first began pressing olives over 5,000 years ago. In this little-known small family-run olive oil factory in the village of Vafes they still use cold-press method, combining old traditions with new inox equipment. There are not so many of these outstanding places left where hands and human energy help the process of cold-pressed extraction providing …

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Nigella man. Order to the Universe.

Order to the Universe

I was cleaning black cumin today and this is what came out of it. Shaping face for the future. Sending it out to the Universe now to return it to me as a real-life nigella man with a smiling face. Thank you.

My secret garden

My secret garden… is not so secret anymore – to start with a quote from Depeche Mode. How could I keep it secret for so long? I have certainly had my own time contemplating over all the beauty. Now it is time to share. You might enjoy seeing the world – and within that – …

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