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Essential Reflections is an inspirational coaching journal of life-learning experiences through journeys to the heart, self discovery, relationships, health, personal transformation, medicinal plants & aromatherapy, inspiring food and travel ideas.

About Ildiko, your guide on this website

Ildiko Berecz is an intuitive mentor, coach and therapist who is passionate about understanding and improving self-knowledge, developing self-awareness and building positive self-image to ignite change for the better. Her calm presence, sensitive perception, compassionate caregiving, encouraging and motivational approach can gently initiate self-realisation and finding one’s life purpose in a practical way. She is gently and patiently stimulating people working out a life plan to realise their dreams. Ildiko’s profound spirit-led couching and mentoring activity comes with a wild-range of entrepreneurial experiences with a leadership background formerly used in owning, managing and operating various businesses.

Currently pursuing her passion and creativity in the Greek island of Crete, Ildiko is dedicated to aromatherapy, working with locals and visitors alike to foster and promote healthy, sustainable, peaceful and flourishing life on Earth. Her bespoke individual holistic sessions are composed by elements from aromatherapy, kinesiology, aromatic kinesiology. She offers aromatherapy massage based on Hawaiian lomi-lomi teqchiques. On her aroma coaching sessions you get to work with the healing properties of aromatic plants and pure therapeutic essential oils. You may have your supporting energies turned into a personal aromatherapy blend in the form of a body oil, scented mist or a botanical perfume.

Transformative journeys

There is an ongoing change all around us and more and more people feel that we are part of a major shift. Our life has to be re-defined in many aspects. Transformation offers the possibility of rebirth, and it requires considerable development work in both the personal and professional life of the individuals.

Ildiko enjoys having transformative journeys herself and guiding others in their efforts. She loves helping people to recognise their hidden albeit existing values, to work and build on these gifts, show them how to use their power and capabilities in a more effective way, and how to strengthen their talents and live a more meaningful and happy life.

Feel free to get in touch with Ildiko if you resonate with any of these!

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