My work has a beautiful complexity and focuses on transformative personal & business developments. I offer consultations, one-to-one sessions in-person and online, workshops, fieldtrips, retreats to share my wisdom and transmit my experiences in many other inspiring ways.

The fieldtrips and retreats are designated to specific fields, however, they are always interwoven, and always tend to be transformative, aromatic and creative.


In an inspiring and easy-going retreat dedicated to you, where we are tapping into your present life stage, mapping your actual physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions in order to facilitate new recognitions and sparkle fresh inspirations for a new path in your personal and/or professional development. A getaway in the settings of the passionate Cretan landscape where active relaxation and new experiences free your mind and take you beyond what you had imagined a life assigned to you. Find yourself on Crete! Head over here for a little more on my Transformative Journeys on Crete.


A chance to join and live a holistic life in the rural Cretan land with an immersive involvement in daily life of harvesting and distilling local aromatic and medicinal plants. Hands-on learning opportunities to enrich your knowledge and understanding of herbs and aromatherapy that no book learning can provide. An inspiring botanical retreat to help you enjoying close relationship with our floral helpers, and getting a clear picture and deep understanding of all the hard work behind those small bottles of precious essential oils and aromatic waters. Unforgettable experience with lots of exciting adventures for a lifetime to any herbal or aromatherapy enthusiasts and professionals alike. Here’s a little more about my Aromatic Journeys.
Bring along a dream and let it manifest! Our individual Creative Journey is a mentoring programme to work on your ideas or figure out what’s next. From concepts and visions to strategies and action plans. You may sharpen your entrepreneurial skills or develop new ones, while given the space and time to relax, recharge and re-aligned with yourself. With a refreshed mindset and clearer goals, you get a real a chance for the changes needed to follow your heart’s desires for a more passionate and meaningful life. Even if you feel too busy for a vacation, the sort of working holiday I facilitate for you might justify to treat yourself! The time-schedule will be just flexible to get some good deal of work done, yet leave space for proper food, relaxation, visit around and enjoy local everything on Crete.
If you are interested in our inspiring programme for yourself or would like to come with a small group of friends – we are here to make that happen!

Feel free to get in touch and find out more to book your Aromatic journey on Crete:

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