Cretan nature therapy series 2

Good morning on one of my last mornings from paradise village with the most amazing surroundings. It is time to move on and discover more in other beautiful areas of Crete. Here is a little farewell video from my balcony in Kaina village. Enjoy, go out and find your nature!

Organic, extra virgin, cold-pressed

Greeks first began pressing olives over 5,000 years ago. In this little-known small family-run olive oil factory in the village of Vafes they still use cold-press method, combining old traditions with new inox equipment. There are not so many of these outstanding places left where hands and human energy help the process of cold-pressed extraction providing …

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3 years on Crete!

On 15th June 2013, I set my feet on this beautiful land and started the biggest adventure of my life! No worlds to express really, but thank you all of you who’ve been part of my journey, with love, kindness, support, friendship, smile, healing, teaching, advice, encouragement, openness… or just being there to connect. And …

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