"Both as a holistic aromatherapist and an artisan distiller I am truly fascinated by the fragrant qualities of the plants. My purpose in creating botanical perfumes, however, has never been driven by just making fragrances that smell nice."


I look at fragrances as Plant Messengers that transmit support to heal and opportunity to develop. Their pleasant nature is part of this development process as they are triggering the emotional responses both to revoke and rewrite memories, and create new blueprint for a more joyful and successful future. All this by promoting love, joy and harmony in the now. This is how the body-mind-spirit triangle of the etheric elements are working for us.

Peoples were dealing with fragrant raw materials from ancient times, and on various levels, we could always have access to a rich number of aromatics whether we used them for food, perfume, healing, ceremonies, or as it is characterised today, for our wellness. We have such an abundance on this Planet, and as evolving Souls at this time, we human beings could be just a little more humble and learn from the Plants as self-regulatory bodies in their environment, and entities who are ready to guide us on our journey as human beings.


Small batch bespoke perfumes

In the spirit of bringing transformative energies in one’s life, these botanical perfumes are manufactured with love and care by human hands and with respectful knowledge about the highest quality of pure essential oils, vegetable oils and other natural ingredients. These aromatics are made in small batches, or formulated through an individual journey on commission. They are not available in shops, so please get in touch if they are calling you. 



Originally designed for a bed-time ceremonial scent to calm down the mind and promote sleeping, however Love & Harmony is a nurturing multi-purpose talent that promotes easiness and uplifts the Soul within many scenarios. Certain moods might even ignite a sensual feeling with this special blend where Rose, Neroli and Ylang-ylang come together in a warm resting tent embedded with Sweet Orange and Sandalwood. As a space holder, Lavender in the background supports the composition with its gentle care.

Main ingredients:
Rose. Neroli. Sweet Orange. Lavender. Ylang-ylang. Sandalwood.


JOURNEY is a blend of passion reflecting a personal aromatic journey through the Mediterranean landscape of Crete island. A blend to express the transformational nature of our journey. An elixir that helps to connect, encourage personal development and create harmony. Building trust and inner wisdom, it is there to give clarity in a protected environment from where you can tune in to your destiny by using the power of plants. Find joy, empowerment and renewal.

Main ingredients:
Labdanum. Frankincense. Jasmine. Juniper Berry. Clary Sage. Rosemary. Neroli. Bergamot. Rose Geranium.


Inspired by the Full Moon and gently empowering feminine energies, Feminine Flow embodies Rose Geranium, Bulgarian Rose and Jasmine, with a freshness of Mandarin and the depths of Immortelle, well blended with some unexpected herbs. Patchouli for deepening sensuality, Yarrow to re-balance, tone and settle with a discreet innate glow. A Medicine Woman sharing her wisdom to work towards connecting more with Mother Earth.

Main ingredients:
Rose Geranium. Lavender. Mandarin. Bulgarian Rose. Jasmine. Immortelle. Bay laurel. Yarrow. Patchouli.


Within Pure Heart, Rose is the Queen Mother offering her love and emotional healing. Juniper creates a protected place for purification, while gently fortifying and empowering. Lavender’s presence comes in the support line for calmness and stability, and Frankincense for grounding and quiet contemplation. The composition is to empower the heart to fully trust again, and dare to love unconditionally. Just a hint of Clove, a spice for encouraging efforts in new beginnings and endeavours.

Main ingredients:
Lavender. Rose. Juniper. Clove buds. Frankincense. St John’s wort.


Grace & Shine was born to support someone who had to let go, who had to move on and accept the open invitation for what’s coming next in life. Delivering a hint of Rose and Neroli, and a basketful of uplifting Citruses, Tulsi to calm the nerves, Cypress to keep oneself together, anchoring with some sweet resins to feel safe, being held and supported. As most of my botanical perfumes, it is available as a solid perfume in tins, a pulse oil in roll-on bottles, and as a nurturing body oil.

Main ingredients:
Bergamot. Grapefruit. Mandarin. Lavender. Neroli. Rose. Melissa. Cypress. Benzoe. Vetiver. Tulsi.


Just a hint of elegantly striking Wintergreen gives the exquisite spicy nature of this blend. Essential oils of Rose and Neroli are here to cuddle the elevating citrus line of Bergamot, Mandarin, Orange and Grapefruit, then fine-tuned with Rose Geranium, Palmarosa and Rosewood. To grant stability to those wings, a sweet support of Clove buds complete the warm balsamic presence of Tolu, added to the joyous liberation from Benzoe.

Main ingredients:
Bergamot. Grapefruit. Mandarin. Orange. Rose Geranium. Neroli. Rose. Clove buds. Palmarosa. Rosewood. Tolu. Benzoe. Wintergreen.

From Botanical Perfumery to Plant Alchemy

Are you contemplating on how to move forward on your Plant Alchemist Path? Ildiko is offering day-classes and Personal Alchemy retreats on Crete. Get in touch if you feel ready to join her for an empowering study experience!


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