Transformative journeys on Crete

Individual or small-group transformative holiday programme on the beautiful Greek island of Crete where we work together with participants bearing openness and willingness to be the change and become creative partners to tune into their own life-changing process.

In the settings of the inspiring Cretan landscape we are tapping into present life stages, mapping actual physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions, we facilitate new recognitions and sparkle fresh inspirations for a new path in personal and/or professional development.

The life-transformation journey in the passionate Mediterranean atmosphere is an opportunity to make steps towards harmony with ourselves that is a base for a life in harmony with one another, lived in health, happiness and creativity.

About your alternative guide

Experiencing some very beautiful, loving, valuable hence not fulfilling relationships, leaving behind a successful entrepreneurial life in Hungary, Ildiko has been through stimulations, challenges and making changes in her life. Understanding the importance of personal development and learning to go with the flow, she has been enjoying the outcome of life changes, profiting from all the adventures and learning cycles accompanying her awakening.

Currently pursuing her passion and creativity on Crete, she is gently and patiently stimulating people working out a life plan to realise their dreams. Ildiko’s profound spirit-led coaching and mentoring activity comes with a wild-range of entrepreneurial experiences with a leadership background formerly used in owning, managing and operating various businesses.

Being on alternative journeys for over a decade, as well as trained in various healing and self-development modalities Ildiko developed a series of recreational and educative alternative holiday programs that combines intuitive personal development, coaching and mentoring while experiencing rural Cretan life, enjoying the rich still healthy Cretan diet, meeting with locals and to learn about their traditions. We’ll be having many inspiring conversations and activities, but you will also be able to take your time quietly sitting just to observe nature and breath in the exceptional smell of the sea.

As for some alternative activities our aromatic journey will give you the chance to learn about edible plants and medicinal herbs in the mountains. It will be fun and joy whatever you chose to do to experience the transformative energies of Crete! 

About Crete

Crete is the largest and most Southern Greek island of the Mediterranean Sea, considered to be the birthplace of the Gods and the cradle of Europe. In recent times, the island has attracted many people – both Greeks and other nationalities – to find a new home on this land. Spiritual leaders from all over the world are visiting Crete and acknowledge the special energy vortex over the island. It is also mentioned as the root chakra of Europe that – just as 5000 years ago – has a special task in raising awareness, developing Earth culture, and bringing Universal balance to a higher level.

If you are interested in our inspiring programme for yourself or would like to come with a small group of friends – we are here to make that happen!

Feel free to get in touch and find out more to book your Transformative journey on Crete:

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