My mission on Earth is to lead, inspire and assist you be more connected and true to yourself in various aspects of life. I support you transcend, connect better to your heart and help to follow your personal call. I offer you ways of being grounded while enjoying a connectedness to your inherent sources. Exploring and expressing more freely and authentically and to ignite finding your way home. In other words, to embody who you are.

Where to start? An initial exploration session (see Consultations) will create a framework on how is best for you and me to work together, and that may be your starting point. Even if you have worked with me before, or you are familiar with the offerings through my extensive nature of service, please contact me with a short description of your intentions, your current life/professional stage, personal challenges and motivations.

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Where can I help you?

My Mentoring work currently focuses on three major areas, which represent three different layers of hugely transformative life experiences.
All these areas are beautiful opportunities to make major progress on the Path you are on:

> Life Purpose Mentoring
> Endometriosis Mentoring
> Plant Alchemy 


Life Purpose Mentoring Sessions

An explorative and transformative experience, a multidimensional guided journey, where I am offering my loving presence – either in person or online – guiding you to embrace your gifts and expand your light. While spiritual in nature, it tends to be aromatic, sensory, embodying and practical. Creative, encouraging, inspiring.

Perhaps you are on your healing journey, on the path of finding your life purpose, or simply needing guidance and inspiration in the currents of your life as you move forward to find your way home, be of service on this Earth and enjoy a healthy, happy and meaningful life. Part of my mission here is to lead, inspire and assist you in this process. I support you transcend, connect better to your heart and help to follow your personal call.

How to be Mentored?

Online via Zoom/Skype/Whatsup
or in-person if you come for some mentoring weeks on Crete.

Mentoring Package
Bi-weekly sessions of
6x 60 min package: 440 Eur

Monthly sessions of 
3x 90 min package: 330 Eur

Each comes with the benefit of follow-up questions and communication by email to reinforce your process. 

Healing from Endometriosis Mentoring

Many years ago 'Bleeding Rose' became my metaphor for women experiencing endometriosis and conditions related to the pelvic area. On a mission to inform people – and especially those women who believe that endometriosis is an incurable disease. Endometriosis can actually be healed, it can be healed in a natural way, and that is an experience some genuine women in the world carry!

My endometriosis story is an old one. It covers decades of being in that life-compromising state. And it also incorporates a decade of search, treatments, studies, personal investment into my life so that I could move on. It’s a bloody good story. I healed from endometriosis, and I healed the natural way. As a result, I was reborn, transformed, and in the past 10 years I have been living a life never before imagined! I am here to tell you: if you think you have done it all, and still struggling… please know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Are you ready to discover more on your healing from endometriosis journey?


On your Blossoming path?

Online via Zoom/Skype/Whatsup
or in-person if you come for some mentoring weeks on Crete.

Bleeding Rose Consultations
Mentoring Session: 80 Eur

If your financials are compromised at the moment, I am also offering a sliding scale option which is tailored to you and your particular needs and personal circumstances. Your unique concession can be discussed, and no matter how much you pay, you’ll be getting the same level of attention from me as everybody else.


If you need support, find it now!

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