Ildiko’s mentoring program is not so much a program, rather a multidimensional guided journey. An explorative and transformative experience, fully aromatic, sensory, embodying, practical, while spiritual in nature, where she is offering her loving presence – either in person or online – guiding you to embrace your gifts and expand your light.

Ildiko’s mission on Earth is to lead, inspire and assist you be more connected and true to yourself in various aspects of life. She supports you transcend, connect better to your heart and help to follow your personal call. She offers you ways of being grounded while enjoying a connectedness to your inherent sources. Exploring and expressing more freely and authentically and to ignite finding your way home. In other words, to embody who you are.

HOW TO enter Mentorship with Ildiko?

You may be on a healing journey, on the path of finding your life purpose, or simply needing guidance and inspiration in the currents of your life as you move forward to find your way home, be of service on this Earth and enjoy a healthy, happy and meaningful life.

Ildiko is offering 1-on-1 exploration sessions to consult and create a framework on how is best for you to work together, and that may be your starting point. Even if you have worked with Ildiko before or familiar with her offerings through her extensive nature of service, please contact her with a short description of your intentions, your current life/professional stage, personal challenges and motivations.

Explore the authentic you and follow your call!

I offer support to you on your Path.
Contact me and BOOK YOUR One to One
ONLINE session for 2022!


If you are interested in working with me, please get in touch!

Feel free to get in touch and give a me a short description of your project.

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