Plants Messages Reading & Guidance

Our 1-ON-1 Plant Messages Session is a treat of its own kind, using my sensitivity for subtle energies, a truly holistic approach to life, and a brilliant card set as a bridging tool to offer abundant inspiration, guidance and self-learning through the gentle power of plants and their transcendent messages. Bringing joy, wisdom and fulfilment, […]

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The Essential Aromatherapy Massage Session

On this truly essential aromatherapy massage session we focus on the momentary stage and state of your life and we design a personalised botanical healing session. You will experience a deep, comprehensive and inspiring treatment, and most likely you will leave not only fully rejuvenated but also with some realisations and guidance in your current processes. For each session we

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One of my childhood books I received as a Christmas gift was titled “I am bored, what can I do?” – Honestly, I don’t remember what was in that book, and I am not quite sure whether reading this at an early age boosted my life, but feels nice to give it a credit anyway.

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