With love and gratitude for all heart connections. Sharing experiences and feelings - in forms of notes, thoughts, special artwork - is a true gift for all. Your Essential Reflections give more meaning to my work, and an opportunity for others to explore.

“If ever I would discover a new endemic plant on Crete, I would name it after you… just as you have become a new endemic, local species, personality on Crete.
Thanks for being here, thanks for being you, you enrich our biotope, physically and spiritually.”

Janina Sorensen
Wild Herbs of Crete

Aromatic RETREAT & WORKSHOP experiences

“I often think of the olive grove and the road leading us to the old tree. And I think of the venerable figure and courtship of the Olive Tree of thousands of years. These are deep-penetrating memories encoded into the human morphogenetic field at the cellular level.”

“I thought of you (again) today! I used the Sage we were collecting together during the retreat, and now I use it for cleansing the wonderful ritual fan I had created from eagle feathers. It smells so good and makes a beautiful smoke! The memories of our time spent together keep coming up! I am so grateful for that all! It’s a magical feeling! Many hugs to you!

Julianna Bozóky, Hungary

Thank you again for your encouragement in me and I think my adventure with you in Crete was one of my favourite trips of my life! I gained so much in so many ways! I think of my time in Crete a lot.”

Fern Middleton, England
Illustrator & Perfumer

“Thank you a lot for the session with my group. It was a big pleasure and everyone was very pleased and really enjoyed the visit at your place. So thanks for you and your fantastic work with plants – in every way. All women were very happy for the Plant messages and you were spot on all the time. It makes sense to everyone! So from my heart – thank you a lot!

Gitte Jørgensen, Denmark

“I just finished telling my parents all of the chapters of Our journey with Rock Rose while in Crete and they were overjoyed to hear about all the synchronicities and magic Adam and I experienced. I am so grateful we were able to connect with you.

Elena Canaris, USA

“I smile every time I think of you! Thank you for the love and hospitality you surrounded us with! So grateful for the days we spent with you, they were really amazing… Your kindness, your knowledge and bright and loving spirit in deep connection with nature and plants…”

Elena Palogou, Greece

“Ildiko, you have a special ability with an exceptional sense for bringing the best out of people. You inspire us, open our eyes and give support on the road. True, pure selflessness is your core quality. You are powerful, persistent, dare to be weak and even show your vulnerability – and that is a really powerful package. Beyond your spiritual sensitivity is your authentic, constantly expanding professional knowledge.

Noemi Peli, Hungary
Naomipeli Ceramics

“My own visit with you and Crete with Susse Marianna Smedes’s ‘Wise woman group’ three years ago kind of kick started the whole thing for me. I was already studying plant medicine, and I already had the desire and idea to make some heart medicine… but still my ‘aromatic’ visit with you; talking and seeing your essential oil bronze distiller and smelling your various newly distilled hydrosols, going away with my little amber bottle of ‘left over’ fragrant oil just for me and your little solid perfume balm…
it kind of made a bend in the road for me where it made me feel that ‘everything was possible’…”

Ingvild Vinje, Denmark
Alabastra botanics


“Darling girl, I cannot tell you how much I love your hydrolat. I have a small amount left of one my sister made here in England. Yours has a note that is so much higher. It’s sheer delight. I love it so much. Thanks so much. I love it!”

Elizabeth Ashley Starns, England
The Secret Healer

“And it is the loveliest hydrosol I have known. Really, really beautiful. They both are, your Rose Geranium and Mandarin. But to me, there is something extra special about the mandarin. So balanced, so complete in its delicacy and sweetness. And as we know, the citruses can be such ‘pick me ups’, and this shows very well I think in this particular hydrosol, with the sweet and delicate mandarin spreading all over my face like happy rays of sunshine!”

Ingvild Vinje, Denmark
Alabastra botanics

“I was over the moon after our meeting. This morning I was so happy to use your hydrosols, you have done such a great job. They are amazing! Thank you for everything.”

Marika Salonen, Finland 
Botanica Nordica

“Your hydrosols of Cistus, Neroli, Rose Geranium and Thyme are absolutely divine – very healing, as well as uplifting… to be aromatically treasured.”

“I’m right in the middle of working on a new book project, and your lovely hydrosols are working to inspire and carry me through the creative process, thank you!”

Gabriel Mojay
The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy 

“Dear friend, it was so delightful to have the box arrive today. I am savoring a mist for each day. I started today with the Neroli. Truly the most precious ever experienced.

And the dried herbs, how I love them. Marjoram is one of my favorites and I have gained so very much healing with the Cistus. Your excellent aromatics have a place on honor on my very select shelves. I treasure this feeling. Much Love.

Doreen DeSerres-DuJardin, USA
Nature’s Spirit Aromatherapy

“They are truly warming to the heart and a joy to the soul… Definitely made for deep and profound aromatherapy work and not only for your face, body and space. Thanks so much Ildiko for sharing with me these treasures of yours!”

“Thanks again Ildiko, they are being already very useful in my therapies, used today the rose geranium and it is wonderful the way someone reacts to this powerful but still gentle aroma!

Jonathan Benavides,
The Netherlands
Essentia Nobilis

“Dear Ildiko, I received your marvellous floral waters and perfume. Thank you so much. Really lovely the geranium and sage (it has a mild aroma, compared to the Salvia officinalis), and the perfume is exquisite, very subtle. The packaging and design beautiful.
So looking forward to be able to share with you the alchemy of distillation.

Ana De Azcárate, Spain
Editorial Diente de León

“I use your spray every day and being with me in my home made me so much sensitive for it. You and your products are a treasure! Love you and wish you to attract exactly those people who honour and feel this wonderful gifts of your work!”

Ingrid Margarita, Greece
Orizon Center for Life & Creation

About our 1-to-1 SESSIONS

“It’s been a couple of weeks now since I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting you and the essences at work. I met Melissa, Tea tree, Juniper and Yarrow and received a very beautiful treatment from you. Thanks again for taking the time and attention to gently put the focus on me and my situation.

I had a very difficult day yesterday, and some of the messages that the essences brought through you came back to my mind. I read my notes from our session, and finally started to feel deeply and truly what my mind had already known but not quite understood…”

Verena Wallner, Austria

“When you gave me that oil massage, I felt I was being painted inside. I could feel my body from inside for the first time in several years. I had no words for it then, except for being painted inside.
Susse has helped me realize a lot of reasons why I have been doing/acting/feeling the way I have for many years. So while I am taking care of my mind and my feelings, my body is changing too. Since I visited you the first time, I have lost about 12 kg. Today I had to buy new trousers, as the olds ones are falling down, when I walk… 2 sizes down. When I visited you the second time, I told you, that I wanted to get rid of the worst painkillers that I took. And you asked me: why not all of them? You helped me realize, that I can set my goals high and not just be satisfied with less – and that it is possible, when your mind is in to it.”

Dorte Østergaard, Denmark

“Thank you so much for all your knowledge. It was amazing to have the lomi lomi massage… it is still working inside. In the back and in my neck. My sleep was wonderful! And thank you for the essential oil and the oil for the herbs. I will come back. You are really talented…”

Lotte Maggie Mogensen, Denmark
Longer Exhale

“My own visit with you and Crete with Susse Marianna Smedes’s ‘Wise woman group’ three years ago kind of kick started the whole thing for me. I was already studying plant medicine, and I already had the desire and idea to make some heart medicine… but still my ‘aromatic’ visit with you; talking and seeing your essential oil bronze distiller and smelling your various newly distilled hydrosols, going away with my little amber bottle of ‘left over’ fragrant oil just for me and your little solid perfume balm… it kind of made a bend in the road for me where it made me feel that ‘everything was possible’ and that ‘damn it, I could do it too’ kind of feeling. Anyhow, three years forward and I have made my own name and brand, and I only thought it right… to send a little tester of my Heart Balm to you. It is just a tiny token and gift from a botanical-sister.”

Ingvild Vinje, Denmark
Alabastra botanics

“I loved my time on Crete and especially coming along to see you. It was quite a revelation and I find using the 3 words that you gave me from the aromatherapy cards – grounding, focus and purpose – to be so useful. I wouldn’t have thought of those for myself but they were actually exactly what I needed to hear and I will use them to move forward positively.”

“I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful time I spent with you last week having my massage and doing the aromatherapy cards. I gained a lot from it, really helped to push me forward with new ideas.”

Karen Fenton, England

“Thank you again ever so much for everything yesterday. I so value your wisdom and always leave you with a fresh perspective! Today i recorded my last year and my intentions for the new one. In big letters my 3 points from yesterday: nurture yourself, receive higher guidance, find new directions! I hope that we will see each other more this year and share some joy. Thank you again so much!!!”

Nicole Brays, Greece

“Thank You Ildiko Berecz, You are so inspiring to be with, and remind me of how important it is to be aware of the energy you have yourself, and the energy you lock into. I still carry the Cedar in my pocket.”

Clauss Matteo Julian Gyllun, Denmark
Zen Shiatsu & Qi Gong

“I thought of you today when I copied out your spica smell test notes for a 2018 vintage sale. It made me realise how clever you are at translating smell into language. So thank you for that. I’m sure it will help the recipient!”

Gill Leonard, Crete
The Lavender Way

About AROMATHERAPY experiences

“It just simply works ! After 7 days with these gems I am cured. And I am so grateful to nature and to you, Ildiko. Your dedication saves the human body for much endless traditional pharmacy.”

Susse Marianna Smedes, Crete
House of Healing

“Special thanks for the Neroli water that incredibly helped my son Alexi in overcoming a two-year block, and as a result he managed to win a match at the competition held in Athens. I wish that all the great positive things you offer to the world shall return to you!”

Edit Kallo, Greece

“Dearest Ildiko. YOU are amazing. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with plants and herbs that can help for menopause and balancing of the hormonal system. I am deeply impressed with your knowledge and understanding of herbal science (can I call it that ?).”

Hanne Træholt Odegaard,

“Just having your little perfume balm is very comforting with the smell taking me back to that space (I am trying to hold on to) and to your house and your bottles and beautiful copper extracting machine.

The oil you made especially for me is of course all used up, but I will buy some of the same essential oils and make a mixture myself. Can’t wait!”

Ingvild Vinje, Denmark
Alabastra botanics

“Thank you for a very beautiful experience with You in your herbal universe. I have never met an herbal queen like Yourself ! I use my oil blend every morning, and have even grown to like the smell of the Nard oil… I am sure that I will return to Crete after more, when time is.
I have received the recording and are listening to it little by little. There is a lot to understand and integrate.”

Charlotte Jönsson, Denmark
Gaia Awareness

“I have to report that the facial oil you gave me is a MIRACLE in a bottle…it suits my skin SO well, it’s calmed it right down and I have a healthy glow after 2 days! Genius thank you

Judith Watson, Crete

“Your ‘nose’ for supreme quality and integrity and the way you share it with the world is a true blessing and inspiration…”

“I’d also like to shine a light on the possibility to take part in an aromatherapy session with Ildiko. From my own experience I can truly say that what this brings you is priceless. Ildiko equals the finest quality and care, and she will remind you of your Very Best Friends In Life that we so easily overlook or take for granted: the plants and trees and herbs of the earth, who have so much to offer…”

Maria van den Dool
The Netherlands

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