Jasmine dreams may come true

Traditional Cretan house, Jasmine flowers, new experiences on the path of natural lifestyle, aromatherapy & botanical perfumery.

Another move, another house in my adventurous life on Crete. This charming little home is the first one in the real traditional series… The most amazing feature is in the garden, a jasmine tree out there is a dream come true!

Well, for the first look the jasmine seemed pretty abandoned, so you might not even recognise it on the first picture… However, I climbed up to the roof, and here we go, the tree proliferates above the bamboo cover in the patio. The discovery made me so very happy and I decided to make another dream come true: I try to make my own infusion for the pleasure of natural perfume-making.

I started picking the beautiful snow-white flowers, both from the tree and the ones already dropped on the floor (only the healthy ones though). After I picked the flowers, I spread and dried them a little from the morning dew. I placed them in a jar, where they still looked lovely. I filled up the bottle with organic olive oil from the harvest where I personally handpicked the olives. Great, isn’t it, what better guarantee can you get for an authentic quality? My beautiful jasmine flowers were enjoying the olive bath. These humble beauties are reaching our senses in many ways and I am looking forward to experience the development of this new accord.



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