On her practical magic workshops, Ildiko is sharing her aromatic wisdom in an immersive, exciting and easy-going manner. Topics range from various aspects of aromatics – wild growing plants, tending the land, growing, harvesting, and working with aromatic plants on many levels. Subjects are interwoven into the art of distilling medicinal plants, the understanding of different practices and modalities from botanical extractions and applications to aromatherapy. 

Participants get multiple sensory experience, while filling their heads with fresh knowledge, and get into close contact with plant material and different kinds of plant extracts.



Fragrant hands-on workshop with an introduction to aromatherapy and learning about essential oils, aromatic waters, and other herbal formulations. We explore aromatics to support well-being on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.


The ancient art of distilling aromatic and medicinal plants is an exciting chapter in modern holistic studies. Join me to understand the process, learn about the methods, and explore how various plant parts - flowers, fruits, leaves, seeds, resins or wood - are being transformed.



Introduction to Aromatic Distillations

Distillation is an art and science, and for an artisan distiller, it is a sacred ceremony. In this hands-on workshop you will be guided through the process of distilling medicinal plants while you actually attend to the Plant(s) we work with. We will discuss processes, plants used, material and type of distillation apparatus, as well as a number of influential contributors to get a more considerate insight into such as ratio of the various extracts, and their corresponding quantity and quality features.

Introduction to Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic complementary alternative therapy that helps restoring and promoting balance on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level by using essential oils, aromatic waters, vegetable carrier oils, and other herbal formulations. On this fragrant hands-on workshop with an introduction to aromatherapy participants will also have a chance to connect with and try some of the best essential oils of the world and experience how aromatherapy – beyond physical means -, indirectly develops high level of consciousness in relation to our alliance, healthy way of life, and connectedness to nature.

Messages of the Plants

The Plant world has subtle ways to support healing processes. In this workshop participants will be guided on a nurturing journey and get help to understand and interpret the individual messages the etheric plant essences – essential oils or other plant extracts – have to offer on multiple levels. Everyone leaves with new realisations, awareness and understanding of certain aspects of their life, and they may also take their own scented plant medicine with them.

Finding Your Life Purpose

Understanding our personal mindset and discovering our core qualities and values are essential elements in finding our personal truth & motivation. In this workshop participants will be assisted in creating their flower of life and mapping their life purpose. This is a beautiful process where everyone is offered a protected space for contemplation, opening and reconnection to their true self. Finding Your Life Purpose is a series of focused exercises to learn going with the flow and benefit from your inner sources.


How to participate at Ildiko’s Aromatic Workshops?

Ildiko is teaching workshops to private persons and small groups. If you are interested in Ildiko’s Aromatic Workshops, please get in touch to discuss topics and arrangements.

Guest teaching

Ildiko is also available to contribute her workshops to alternative program hosts, yoga teachers, retreat organisers and those who wish to enrich their own programs with something unprecedentedly unique. 


Informative, hands-on, fun

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