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Extractions and Distractions – A Survival Guide For Aromatic Living in Lockdown – Part 1

By sharing excerpts from her journal, plant alchemist Ildiko Berecz would like to offer some highlights of the past year of how life went on during the pandemic with almost a whole year of lockdown on the Mediterranean Island of Crete in Greece. It is highly emphasised that the journal is not a panacea for pandemic, neither complete nor unbiased, yet focuses on the bright side of a dark year with aromatic and medicinal plants.

Stand By Me With Your Aromas

Complementary therapies such as aromatherapy may significantly improve health conditions in a number of various areas from pain relief, mood enhancement, skin conditions, nausia, improved concentration all the way to anxiety and depression, to mention the least and perhaps some of the most common ones. Yet, it is very unexpected to have all this experienced by the side of someone close who gets diagnosed with breast cancer. And I found myself in a very special position both as a friend and an aromatherapist through the year of her healing…

Lemongrass, A Drop Beyond Imagination

Just had a quiet moment to check on the bottles from the second lemongrass distillation I’d made five weeks ago from the plants at Leonidas’ beautiful farm (You can read about the collection, processing and distillation in Lemongrass – Expect The Unexpected). No wonder my first report got titled ‘Expect The Unexpected’ – now looking …

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