My Endometriosis Story is a bloody good story. Listen, take your power back and transform your life!

Pains, Cramps, Fainting

PAIN, CRAMPS, FAINTING as a teenage girl, let’s say somewhere in the mid 80s. Contraceptives for menstrual regulation and pain-killing. Only to hide the issue and let it grow into something bigger. More cramps, vomiting and excessive bleeding. Ping-ponging hopelessly between doctors, gynaecologists and endocrinologist. Symptoms are not justified enough in order to be handled neither here nor there. They keep re-directing my mysterious case to one another.

Endless sleepless nights. And a quality of life that required supernatural efforts to keep going as ‘normal’. Only because my boyfriend couldn’t handle seeing me in paralysing anguish anymore, 4 am at the emergency hospital visit one doctor on night duty got thinking and called me back for a thorough examination. Problem diagnosed as endometriosis in 2001. Laparoscopic surgery followed by 6-month hormonal treatment protocol. Suspended menstruation, artificial menopause with severe hot flushes and all that mass. Once complete, I am advised to proceed with IVF. Blood tests, examinations…

Wait a minute – I did not know I Have Choices !!!

STOP. WAIT A MINUTE. They tell me I have to be pregnant and give birth in order to heal endometriosis? To have a baby in order to solve a problem? That does not feel right to me!

Well, at that time in 2001 endometriosis was still relatively rare, and not understood by medical practices. Some ‘specialists’ achieved ‘good’ results by mastering the techniques at surgery. Patients were given various explanations about the causes, possibly from childhood, perhaps even there since conception… Various theories and assumptions, nobody really knows….

It’s good they are talented in surgery, I acknowledge that it can be very helpful in a given situation. At the time of my surgery, I DID NOT KNOW I HAD OTHER CHOICES. I was kind of lucky, laparoscopy – a minimally invasive surgery, as they call it – went well and besides all the stress caused by the procedure and being in hospital, organs involved got cleaned and stayed inside where they meant to be… Despite the fact that there was a terrible resistance in me, I did what I was told, large dose hormonal injections, then introduction to the assisted reproduction department. Already the name was horrifying and put me completely off track. So I decided TO QUIT.

I Quit. I started to Walk My Way.

I started to walk my way. All by myself, I was looking for alternatives. I knew there must be another way. Slowly-slowly, I found people, ideas, answers, solutions, more questions… things started to move and results to arrive. Cleaning up endometriosis had been a long and winding road, with lots of hard work that made me not only healthier, but helped me to learn and grow, to become more of WHO I AM.

In my reading, the closest wording for ENDOMETRIOSIS IS A CONDITION that is a combined and cumulated result of various different factors leading to chronic inflammation and off-balance of the hormonal system. Influential agents include myriad of randomly related and complicated areas from unhealthy diets, toxins, inadequate exercise, to stress and all the way down to complex psychological factors. It is very individual how these affect and contribute to one’s life-compromising consequence, however, there is a lot to discover in each area for every women who wishes to find her own answers and healing.

Life Transformation – Taking my power back

I could say good-bye to all the pain by 2011, my life had started to change a great deal and me feeling good in my body. By the time the clearing process was in completion stage, I found myself moving to another country and starting to live my life truly and more fully. Over a decade now, and all that lead me to explore more of my gifts that I can enjoy and share with the world today.


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