Observing, listening, smelling, touching and just using your primary senses in sensing beyond the ordinary. Beyond the obvious reasons of learning more about ‘raw materials’, explore ways of connecting with Plants and Nature, as in life, it is a flow of active and passive phases with ample time for meditative walks, relaxation, recharging, and just be in awe and inspiration.

My Aromatic Retreats keep varying in nature, reflecting the intentions of you who are signing up for this co-creative journey. While enjoying the special landscape and microclimate with unique characteristics and extremely diverse flora on Crete, your time will be partly spent with small excursions to explore and learn about wild-growing aromatic plants of the area, harvesting some plants of the season and immersing in various herbal activities and aromatic medicine making.

It is also an opportunity for distilling with a copper alembic and getting insights into the art of artisan distillations. In you come from a business background, you might appreciate all of this cutting-edge added value in your life and work, with lots of further bonuses: back to Nature!

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Is this Aromatic Alchemy program for you?


If you are a student or practitioner of aromatherapy, botanical perfumery, herbalism, or other alternative modalities, you will love extending your field studies in our dream-come-true aromatic fields!

> Harvest and distill aromatics;
> Enjoy our apothecary gardens and field explorations;
> Develop your relationship with the diversity of nature;
> Expand your aromatic smell library;
> Practice aromatic medicine-making;
> Learn about my artisan distillations; > Discover the abundance of aromatic hydrosols and
> Try some of our essential oils of ‘antibacterial hotshots’ of Crete.


Transformative experiences

As part of the aromatic journey, you may have the chance to join harvesting some plants and herbs of the season, learn about natural organic growing of medicinal plants, get to remote mountain villages, or even attend our artisan distillation. All about enjoying many hands-on learning opportunities that will certainly enrich your knowledge and understanding of aromatherapy in a more holistic way that no book learning can provide.



What to expect on your aromatic journey?

The Cretan soil and sunshine, and overall the landscape of the island itself results in an extremely diverse flora with unique characteristics to provide an unforgettable experience with lots of exciting adventures for a lifetime to any herbal, aromatherapy or botanical perfumery enthusiasts and professionals alike.

When you come to Crete, you find yourself in a different world where most villages have no street names. Instead, the streets are running along olive fields, orange grooves and avocado trees. Neighbours are sharing their lemon, grapefruit or pomegranate fruits freshly from the garden, and seasonally they collect wild edible plants as no meal can go without these greens called horta. There is plenty to explore by simply walking near the beaches where your leisure time naturally becomes a botanical study-tour. The mountains have their own fragrance, a seasonal composition of an abundance of flowers, shrubs and trees. You may run into the purple-flowered shrubby Cretan Rock Rose (Cistus creticus), while Thyme (Thymus capitatus), Sage (Salvia triloba syn. fruticosa and other varieties), Oregano (Origanum onites), Winter savory (Satureja montana) or various types of Helichrysum. No matter which time of the year, the herbal wheel of life will surely turn on your senses. 

What’s in our basket?

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Let go & Let’s go!


Actually, it is best to come without expectations and just expect the unexpected…! In a relaxed yet interactive atmosphere you are co-creatively guided to focus on what is important in your life and professional path.

Such an immersive involvement helps not only having a close relationship with our floral helpers, but to get a clear picture and deep understanding of all the hard work behind one small bottle of some precious essential oil.

Connecting Plants
and People

Taking your most felicitous position as an Earth-steward in our private hilltop land of almost one acre, you can enjoy a working apothecary garden with over 50 species of aromatic and medicinal plants. In a relaxed yet interactive atmosphere you are co-creatively guided to focus on what is important in your life and professional path.

What to expect on this aromatic journey?

🌿 Explore the aromatic richness Crete has to offer;
🌿 Join me for small excursions to explore and learn about wild-growing plants of several areas from sea level to high altitude;
🌿 Take yourself into the position of an Earth-steward in our private hilltop land of almost one acre, a working apothecary garden with over 50 species of aromatic and medicinal plants;
🌿 Harvest ‘wild-cultivated’ plants of the season and forage in the wild;
🌿 Practice distilling with a 30l copper alembic and get an insight into the art of artisan distillations;
🌿 Pick some amazing herbs of the season for tea, tinctures or infusions for your stay/home take-away;
🌿 Engage in other herbal activities, aromatic medicine or botanical perfume making;
🌿 Relax, chill out, and enjoy some time for reading. Save some luggage space and use our rich library of aromatherapy, herbal medicine, distillations, hydrosols, homoeopathy, spirituality, and so.

And most of all, have the most aromatic time on Crete!

Transformatic Aromatic Journeys  – is it for you?

Be inspired by the wisdom and experience of my 10 abundant years living and working with aromatic and medicinal plants on Crete!

Get in touch to discuss options of your aromatic journey, so we find the right arrangements for you.

> Individual private retreats
> Small-group arrangements
> Flexible dates by request
> Inquire for full details


The aromatic journey in the passionate Mediterranean atmosphere might also be a life-changing opportunity to make steps towards harmony with ourselves that is a base for a life in harmony with one another, lived in health, happiness and creativity.

How to participate in Ildiko’s Aromatic Retreats & Fieldtrips?

These are individual or small-group aromatic discovery programmes on the scented and scenic Greek island of Crete. Subject to availability, the program runs per request all year around, unique in each season, and re-created each time as a bespoke discovery journey. If you are interested in Ildiko’s alchemy programs, transformative retreats and fieldtrips on Crete, please get in touch to share your intentions and find the right arrangements for you or your group. 

To get some more ideas about your stay in the area, please familiarise yourself with the area and some recommended accommodation options here.


Crete is the largest and most Southern Greek island of the Mediterranean Sea, considered to be the birthplace of the Gods and the cradle of Europe. In recent times, the island has attracted many people – both Greeks and other nationalities – to find a new home on this land. Spiritual leaders from all over the world are visiting Crete and acknowledge the special energy vortex over the island. It is also mentioned as the root chakra of Europe that – just as 5000 years ago – has a special task in raising awareness, developing Earth culture, and bringing Universal balance to a higher level.

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