Aromatic journeys on Crete

Individual or small-group aromatic discovery programme on the scented and scenic Greek island of Crete. The Cretan soil and sunshine, and overall the special microclimate of the island itself results in an extremely diverse flora with unique characteristics to provide an unforgettable experience with lots of exciting adventures for a lifetime to any herbal or aromatherapy enthusiasts and professionals alike.

When you come to Crete, you find yourself in a different world where most villages have no street names (not even house numbers). Instead, the streets are running along olive fields, orange grooves and avocado trees. Neighbours are sharing their lemon, grapefruit or pomegranate fruits freshly from the garden, and seasonally they collect all sorts of wild edible plants here as no meal can go without greens (horta). There is plenty to explore by simply walking near the beaches, where you can either run into the purple-flowered shrubby Cretan Rock Rose (Cistus creticus L.). The mountains smell from thyme (Thymus capitatus), sage (Salvia officinalis, Salvia triloba syn. fruticosa and other varieties), winter savory (Satureja montana L.) and other wild herbs abundantly growing over the rocks at higher altitudes. No matter which time of the year, the herbal wheel of life will surely turn on your senses.

As part of the aromatic journey, you may have the chance to meet with local organic producers, learn about natural organic farming of food and medicinal plants, get to remote mountain villages, visit essential oil distilleries, or even attend an artisan distillation. All about enjoying many hands-on learning opportunities that will certainly enrich your knowledge and understanding of aromatherapy in a more holistic way that no book learning can provide.

Depending on the season, you may also get a chance to join the harvest of some of the plants and herbs. Such an immersive involvement helps not only having a close relationship with our floral helpers, but to get a clear picture and deep understanding of all the hard work behind one small bottle of some precious essential oil.

The aromatic journey in the passionate Mediterranean atmosphere might also be a life-changing opportunity to make steps towards harmony with ourselves that is a base for a life in harmony with one another, lived in health, happiness and creativity.

About your aromatic guide

Ildiko is a passionate ambassador of aromatherapy and its life-changing therapeutic effects. She has been using essential oils since she was about 20, however, only started studying them when she had been on a quest to understand and heal endometriosis, a state that badly destroys quality of life. Many years of suffering, hence with the desire and deep belief in recovery and healing, Ildiko was persistent in research and experimentation with alternative therapies. Good progress with acupuncture, reiki, spiritual healing, kinesiology, bioresonance, just to mention some of the most important modalities on the way, the ultimate breakthrough however came with the combination of special diet, monitored lab tests, yoga, exercising, the extensive and holistic use of aromatherapy, a step-by-step change of life-style… awakening… and eventually a complete change of life.

Currently pursuing her passion and creativity on Crete, she is gently and patiently stimulating people working out a life plan to realise their dreams. Ildiko’s profound spirit-led coaching and mentoring activity comes with a wild-range of entrepreneurial experiences with a leadership background formerly used in owning, managing and operating various businesses.

Being on alternative journeys for over a decade, as well as trained in various healing and self-development modalities Ildiko developed a series of recreational and educative alternative holiday programs that combines intuitive personal development, coaching and mentoring while experiencing rural Cretan life, enjoying the rich still healthy Cretan diet, meeting with locals and learn about their traditions. You can come for an aromatic journey and learn about medicinal herbs in the mountains, and also take your time, quietly sitting just to observe nature and breath in the exceptional smell of the sea. It will be fun and joy whatever you chose to do to experience the transformative energies of Crete! 

About Crete

Crete is the largest and most Southern Greek island of the Mediterranean Sea, considered to be the birthplace of the Gods and the cradle of Europe. In recent times, the island has attracted many people – both Greeks and other nationalities – to find a new home on this land. Spiritual leaders from all over the world are visiting Crete and acknowledge the special energy vortex over the island. It is also mentioned as the root chakra of Europe that – just as 5000 years ago – has a special task in raising awareness, developing Earth culture, and bringing Universal balance to a higher level.

If you are interested in our inspiring programme for yourself or would like to come with a small group of friends – we are here to make that happen!

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