Take Your Thyme, Be Strong & Courageous

As I contemplate over the characteristics of thyme and the richness of my own personal history and experiences with it, I recall these words from the Hungarian poet Mihály Váci:     It’s not enough to fear,Fight the fight instead.It’s not enough to flicker,But burn with flames of red.Not enough to talk.But say what’s not […]

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From figs to virtue

Let’s bring in some literature as a botanical side inspiration. From an innocent post of a photograph with figs that were picked from the trees just down the road… Indeed, the fig tree was crying for me to save their fruits from simply falling and missing their beautiful destiny to provide some nurturing moments for their fellow

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The Walled Garden

A visit to The Walled Garden at Astley Hall, Chorley in England. My friend Laurence Hostier McCormick and her partner brought this park to revival and also created a hugely successful community food growing scheme which is run by the help of volunteers. They received a special award for their conservation and environmental work.

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What a lucky day already, and now the sea is absolutely calm

Stills from stillness – Kayaking in Sfakia

How do you get to rejoice a magnificent water journey in Sfakia alongside the South shores of Crete? You have to know the right people to get to the most magnificent places.  And I am not talking about the on-purpose, business-oriented, networking-to-get-what-you-want sort of approach. I mean our natural-born curiosity combined with a tiny bit of open-hearted coming.

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