Co-creating with Nature

If distillation is a journey, meeting with the beautiful plants to guide and accompany us on this journey is a major chapter of a truly aromatic life! Indeed, a series of chapters that will continue to expand further through our life-long explorations. On this page, you will find an introductory overview of some of our most significant aromatic and medicinal co-creators on Crete. A short guide with ideas on some of their wonderful uses as hydrosols.



Cistus creticus

Also called Rock rose and labdanum, however labdanum is actually referred to the resin.

Healing for scars & wounds. Both physical and emotional. Tonic to the skin, a nice face cleanser or after-shave tonic. Astringent & styptic.

Plant part: aerial plant parts
Scent: earthy, light, herbaceous.

Balm to the heart
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Helichrysum italicum ssp.

Also called Immortelle or Everlasting.
A great healer for all sorts of skin issues.
Deeply restoring and nourishing the skin, great general toner, after-shave or after-sun spray.
Anti-inflammatory. Emotionally comforting.

Plant part: flowering tops
Scent: earthy, warm, slightly sweet

We also distill:
Helichrysum italicum ssp. microphyllum
Helichrysum italicum ssp. italicum
Helichrysum stoechas

The Flower of Forgiving Love & Everlasting Light
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Rose geranium

Pelargonium graveolens

Harmonising, balancing, regenerating – emotions, skin, hormones. Refreshes and hydrates the skin. Great for menopausal hot flushes. Soothes the skin as an after-shave tonic.
Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and helps wound-healing, cuts, akne, conditions such as rosacea, eczema. Balancer, regulator and revitalizer for the digestive and cardiovascular system.

Plant part: leaves, flowers
Scent: floral, rose-like, slightly green

Ode to Geranium –
As You Deserve Nurture and Care Yourself
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Damask rose

Rosa damascena

Calming, uplifting, aphrodisiac. Softening the Heart. For mood swings, anxiety and depression.
Anti-inflammatory, antiviral, cooling, astringent. Deep skin hydration, stimulating and tightening. Facial cleansing and tonic. Treatment of acne. Nourishing and moisturising hair.

Plant part: flowers
Scent: floral
Key words: Loving Heart

We also distill:
A local old type of Rose

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Wild lavender

Lavandula stoechas

A general first-aid for every situations.
To release stress and balance the mind, classic nerve tonic. A pleasant skin remedy for any skin type and condition, antiseptic and vulnerary. Helps with rushes, bites, itches and burns. Great make-up remover, general toner, after-shave or after-sun spray. A classic spritzer to refresh cloths, bed linens, or room.

Plant part: flowering tops
Scent: herbal
Key words: Calming & relaxing

We also distill:
Lavandula angustifolia
Lavandula latifolia


Citrus aurantium ssp. amara

Blossoms of the bitter orange are top sedative, anti-stress and anti-depressant. First-aid mist for shock and emotional turbulances.
A very complex composition with a distant bitterness, yet rather sweet, even honey-like and euphoric, a perfume on its own.
Astringent, antiseptic, excellent in skin-care and anti-aging formulations.

Plant part: blossom
Scent: floral, sweet with a bitter undertone
Key words: Uplift & reassure

Bitter orange, sweet experiences
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Cretan Yarrow

Achillea cretica

Wound healer, cleanser, stops bleeding.
Anti-inflammatory recommended for hemorrhoids, varicose veins, rectal fissures and skincare.
Used in compress and internally to reduce fevers.
Antispasmodic, used internally or externally for digestive, reproductive and muscular system.

Plant part: flowering tops
Scent: herbal, earthy
Key words: Wound healing

We also distill:
Achillea millefolium

Yarrow – A Journey Home
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Myrtus communis

Lightly sedative and grounding. Helps calm the mind, restore nerves, handle frustration.
Balancing, antiseptic and astringent.
Fine toner for all skin types, calms tired and irritated eyes.

Plant part: leaves, fruits, blossom
Scent: clean, dry.
Key words: Gentle & connecting

The Age of Innocence
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Juniperus phoenicea

A holistic aromatic water for clarity.
Good cleanser and moisturiser for the skin.
Anti-inflammatory. Has and affinity with the lymphatic and circulatory system. Stimulating.
A subtle space cleanser for home and office.

Plant part: young twigs, fruit
Scent: herbal, stimulating
Key words: Clearing & energizing

We also distill:
Juniperus oxycedrus

Juniper – From Confusion to Clarity
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Rosmarinus officinalis
syn. Salvia rosmarinus

A warm stimulating balancer.
Helps both the nerves and muscles to relax. Promotes circulation. Helps concentration and to restore memory. As a mental stimulant, can help replacing coffee. Tonic for the skin and hair, great for massaging the scalp.

Plant part: young branches
Scent: herbal
Key words: Focus & creativity

Keep focussed and carry on!
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Greek sage

Salvia pomifera

Also called as Cretan apple sage. Clearing energy, stagnations and balancing nerves. Promotes circulation and lymphatic stimulant.
As a deodorant can help reduce sweating.
Can be used as a wonderful smudging mist.

Plant part: flowering tops
Scent: herbal
Key words: Cleansing & clarity

We also distill:
Salvia fruticosa syn. triloba

The Wisdom of Clarity
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Wild thyme

Thymus capitatus

Antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiviral.
Tonic and immuno-stimulant, has mucolytic properties. Can also be used in hair treatments, and protecting plants from intruders.
The Cretan wild thyme is rather rich in carvacrol.

Plant part: flowering tops
Scent: herbal, floral, earthy
Key words: Strong & disinfectant

Take Your Thyme, Be Strong & Courageous!
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Origanum onites

Supports digestion.
Helpful in anti-parasite treatment, candida.
Can be used as a mouthwash for mouth sores, infections, and sore throat.

Plant part: flowering tops
Scent: herbal

Dittany of Crete

Origanum dictamnus

Ancient panacea with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, properties. Used for respiratory, digestive and musculoskeletal issues. its antispasmodic nature soothes aiches and pains.
Revitalising, astringent and soothing wound healer, great tonic and balances oily skin. Energetically empowering and makes a shift.

Plant part: flowering tops
Scent: herbaceous, smokey, earthy
Key words: Powerful soother

Wild savory

Satureja thymbra

Warm & Potent. Wild savory stands in line with oregano and thyme, the antibacterial hotshots of Crete. Also anti-fungal, antiviral. Warming and immuno-stimulant, and has a somewhat sensual, aphrodisiac nature.

Plant part: flowering tops
Scent: herbal, pungent

Wild carrot

Daucus carota ssp. maxima

Regenerative for the skin, digestive and elimination system. Deep wound healer, also used for mature skin, wrinkles, eczema, acne, rosacea, cellulite. Antiseptic, antifungal.

Plant part: dried seeds
Scent: warm, earthy, nutty, wet soil
Key worlds: Regenerate & rebalance


Cymbopogon citratus

Refreshing & uplifting.
A cheerful aroma lifting the mood. Antidepressant.
Helps digestion. Antimicrobial. Insect-repellant.

Plant part: aerial plant parts
Scent: lemony, fresh, green

Always Greener On The Other Side?
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Lemon verbena

Lippia citriodora
syn. Aloysia citrodora

Refreshing, rebalancing, toning, purifying.
Tonic for body, mind and emotions.
Mental relaxant, used for stress and anxiety,
sedative for the nervous system.
Strong anti-inflammatory, great mouthwash.
Soothing and energising for the skin, brings life to dull skin.

Plant part: aerial parts, leaves
Scent: green floral, lemony
Key words: Relax and enjoy

Hydrosols are great as...

Room sprayers, clothes/linen refreshener, for diffusing.
Ceremonial sprays, spritzer for emotional/spiritual energetics.
Facial spritzer, body mists, hair treatment, foot or body baths. Compresses, oral mouthwash.
Can be added to cream/lotion/gel formulations.
If you are not familiar with hydrosols, always consult a knowledgeable aromatherapist for specifics.


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