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Just over 4 years of friendship, and feels like a lifetime. Inspiring, supportive and creative. So rich as we grow together. Push and pull, or just stand by. December 2015 was a milestone for my dear friend Noemi Peli, stepping up on stage, so to stay, showing her first ceramic collection to the wilder audience at WAMP, the design fair in Budapest.

A few months earlier when Noémi had come to see me in Crete, I promised to be there and support her once she decides to finally start launching her amazing pieces of art. Thus keeping my word, off to go flying over for a pre-Christmas visit to Hungary.

Taking the role of an exhibitor and vendor for a day wasn’t new. Both of us have been in sales and marketing for the past 20 years, though I decided to quit the unhealthy pursuit of the modern business scene at the dawn of our friendship in 2012. Back then we mutually started dreaming about a lifestyle business, and being loyal to our core values and capabilities, we began to make steps towards our goals.

Ildiko with Noemi Peli at her first WAMP exhibition
Ildiko with Noemi Peli at her first WAMP exhibition

Introducing Naomipeli and her Ceramics&Leather collection was a true manifestation of her dream unfolding. I am blessed and honoured to have the artist as my most inspiring friend and co-creation partner. Here are a few pictures from this amazing day where I could contribute with my old profession as a saleswoman put in a new context with my skill set & passion in aromatherapy.

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