The surprising taste of water kefir

My new favourite home-made magic drink: water kefir! I’ve been resistant to making it for so long (I thought it needs too much care and hassle, plus I did not like the taste when I had tried). Until the realisation that I can create it to my own taste. Thanks to my dear friend Joelle for the grains and the initial recipe. The grains have indeed made a long journey. Joelle brought them to Crete from her cousin in France, who got them from Uzbekistan… Bless them, in just 2 days after having arrived in my house and settled in the glass jar, the grains together with the fruity ingredients turned the water into a fantastically tasty and refreshing drink. Something like a soda lemonade, a fruit beer or a cider.

The recipe

The making of water kefir is actually very simple. Joelle, as she does, gave me very short but straight-forward instructions. Here is the quick guide from my experience:

Water kefir, the magical drink.


Water kefir grains
Canning jar 750 ml (I used an emptied honey-jar)
2 tbsp raw cane sugar
~700 ml boiled water
1 dried fig
1/2 lemon
1/2 orange

The making:

As a first step, boil the water and add raw brown sugar to dissolve.
Then wait until water is cooled.
Put kefir grains into jar. I believe about 1:8 to 1:10 grains to jar volume is ok, but that can be a personal taste and experience, and anyway, they grow very fast…

Cut one dried fig into pieces, place on top of the grains.*
Same way, cut and add half a lemon and half an orange.*
Once you put the fruits in the jar, fill it up with the cool sugar water.
Cover with breathable cloth.
Check every day and consume when you like it.

My first portion had a perfect taste in 2 days. So I strained and happily consumed it with a friend, then re-started the process with the remaining grains. By that time, I had more grains, so I used a bigger jar for the second make. As the grains would extend continuously during the process and you would always get more, it will be fun to share some parts with others!
To our healthy gut, enjoy!**

* Feel free to experience with other fruits to taste, I will do the same and maybe report back.
** Oh yes, the point beyond enjoyment is that kefir is a probiotic beverage with great bacteria and enzymes, packed with minerals. And overall it supports greatly our gut health which is key to the bigger picture of a healthy state.

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