Plants Messages Reading & Guidance

Our 1-ON-1 Plant Messages Session is a treat of its own kind, using my sensitivity for subtle energies, a truly holistic approach to life, and a brilliant card set as a bridging tool to offer abundant inspiration, guidance and self-learning through the gentle power of plants and their transcendent messages. Bringing joy, wisdom and fulfilment, this intuitive plant card reading is also a counselling, touching areas of personal and business life. The sessions beautifully combine art and science, magic and logic to support healing, motivation and creativity on your unpaved road of change in matters of human nature.

Sessions available

– In-person at my aromatic sanctuary
– Online via Zoom or Skype


1 hour – 60 EUR
1 and 1/2 hours – 80 EUR
2 and 1/2 hours – 120 EUR

The duration of the sessions are offered with generous extensions when needed, within an interval of 15 minutes, to ease the time pressure. Whether one session is shorter or longer, and what we can fit in depends rather on individual dynamics, not necessarily the length of time.


Please get in touch for further information, or booking your session for
Plants Messages Card Reading & Guidance.

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