Aromatic Workshops

On her practical magic workshops, Ildiko is sharing her aromatic wisdom in an immersive, exciting and easy-going manner. Topics range from various aspects of aromatic herbs, harvesting & working with aromatic plants, the art of distillation and the understanding of a range of modalities from botanical applications to aromatherapy.

Participants get multiple sensory experience, while filling their heads with fresh knowledge, and get into close contact with plant material and different kinds of plant extracts.

Being trained in various healing modalities and guided by nature on the fields, Ildiko developed her own style of intuitive therapies and workshops to offer the most wonder, value and subtle energies via the synergistic effects of her holistic sessions composed by these elements.

How to participate at Ildiko’s Aromatic Workshops?

Ildiko is teaching workshops to private persons, couples, and small groups. She is also available to contribute her workshops as per request, to alternative program hosts, yoga teachers, retreat organisers and such who wish to enrich their own programs with something unprecedentedly unique.

If you are interested in Ildiko’s Aromatic Workshops, please get in touch to discuss topics and arrangements:

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