Orange Blossom synchronicity

There are so many different directions to go, even within the same theme… When ideas and messages keep coming, and it is difficult to handle all of them at a time, sometimes just need to stand by and let the storm go. So without putting out even more thoughts now, simply the facts, a Note to Self today:

1. Fascinated by the idea of Orange Blossom and other flower essences retreats, I was discussing the possibilities of organising a special retreat and some related workshops in Crete this spring.

2. Working with some essential oils today with focus on bergamot (citrus bergamia) and lemon (citrus limon), as a bonus at the end of the session, neroli turned up. It came to remind us about the experience we gained so far on our journey, and to encourage us to carry on with our decisions without fear and hesitation.

3. Following my heart intuitively takes me to the right direction. This beautiful video is about an Italian family reviving the tradition of harvesting orange blossoms and creating an ecological family business on that. Their enthusiasm and passion reminds me how important is it to follow our dreams. And doing so, we have to notice and appreciate even the smallest things every single day that show us: we are already living that dream!



Thanks for the video link to my aromatic friend Nina Medved at Magnolija Studio for aromatherapy.

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