Love Liberates

An extract from the beautiful life story of Maya Angelou as remembering the love and powerful words of her mother. I wish this liberating love be expressed and experienced by all more often.

“My mother stopped me and said, ‘Wait a minute baby.’ – I was 22 years old – ‘Wait a minute baby. You know I think you are the greatest woman I’ve ever met. You are very kind and very intelligent and those elements are not always found together. Mrs Eleanor RooseveltDr Mary McLeod Bethune and my mother— you are in that category. Here, give me a kiss.”

Then she said give me a kiss. I gave her a kiss and I got on to the street car. I can remember the way the sun fell on the wooden seats. I sat and I thought about her and I thought supposed she is right, she is intelligent… so suppose I am going to be somebody. She released me, she freed me, to say I may have something in me that would be a value maybe not just to me. See? That’s love.”

Hear the encouraging wisdom from the wise woman herself:

I have come across this amazing video at
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