Life-transformation Consultation

Individual or small-group consultation programme in which we work together with persons bearing openness and willingness to be the change and become creative partners to tune into their own life-changing process.

Tapping into present life stages, mapping actual physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions, we facilitate new recognitions and sparkle fresh inspirations for a new path in personal and/or professional development.

The consultation is an opportunity to make steps towards harmony with ourselves that is a base for a life in harmony with one another, lived in health, happiness and creativity.

Being trained in various healing and self-development modalities Ildiko developed her own style that combines intuitive personal development, coaching and mentoring.  Her vast experience of being a businesswoman and entrepreneur for over 15 years brings core qualities of a researcher approach, analytical understanding, structural and strategic thinking, and the daily routine of operations, sales, marketing, and communications methods. 

Ildiko has an open and interested personality to search, watch, listen, understand, act, react and reflect thoughts, feelings and actions of other people. It is her way of existence to inspire, enlighten and encourage men and women in their endeavours.

Composing the elements of life- and health coaching, mentoring, aromatherapy, kinesiology, aromatic kinesiology ®, as well as business practices, Ildiko offers creative and holistic individual sessions helping people to recognise their hidden albeit existing values, to work and build on these gifts, show them how to use their power and capabilities in a more effective way, and how to strengthen their talents and live a more meaningful and happy life.

If you are interested in our Essential Reflections Life-transformation Consultation session please get in touch to arrange an appointment:

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