Life-transformation Consultation

My individual life-transformation consultations are offered to those open and willing to be the change within their own life. You need to be ready to become a creative partner and available for us together to dive into your own life-changing process. Tapping into life stages, mapping actual physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions, we facilitate new recognitions and sparkle fresh inspirations for a new path in your personal and/or professional development.

Being trained in various healing and self-development modalities, my personal support style combines intuitive personal development, life- and health coaching and mentoring. My vast experience of being a businesswoman and entrepreneur for over 20 years also brings core qualities of a researcher approach, analytical understanding, structural and strategic thinking, and the ability to explore communication channels. 

As a human being and a therapist, I have an open and interested personality to search, watch, listen, understand, act, react and reflect thoughts, feelings and actions of other people. It is my way of existence to inspire, enlighten and encourage men and women in their endeavours.

I offers these creative and holistic individual sessions to help you recognise your existing values, develop more trust towards the less trusted ones, and building on these gifts, show you how to use your true power and capabilities to live a more meaningful and happy life.

My Essential Reflections life-transformation consultations provide beautiful opportunities to make steps towards harmony with yourself, that is a base for a life in harmony with one another, and with the Universe.

Sessions available

– In-person at my aromatic sanctuary
– Online via Zoom or Skype


1 hour – 60 EUR
1 and 1/2 hours – 80 EUR
2 and 1/2 hours – 120 EUR

The duration of the sessions are offered with generous extensions when needed, within an interval of 15 minutes, to ease the time pressure. Whether one session is shorter or longer, and what we can fit in depends rather on individual dynamics, not necessarily the length of time.

Please get in touch for further information, or booking your Essential Reflections Life-transformation Consultation session

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About the Author

Ildiko Berecz is an intuitive mentor, coach and holistic therapist who is passionate about sharing her inspiring personal stories from behind the mountains of Crete island, while being on the road, searching and experiencing, capturing, collecting, distilling, making herbal preparations, blending botanical perfume and more. She offers her insights of authentic approach and humble practices for better understanding and appreciation of nature, herbal remedies and awareness of trustworthy natural applications in our self-development and everyday life practices. 

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I hope you enjoy Essential Reflections taking you on amazing Aromatic Journeys. I am passionate about offering them to the world, so please do spread the love by sharing my journal with friends, colleagues or family, whoever might need some inspiration. And if you want to support my dedicated work, you can join me for an imaginary cup of tea! ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ will process your donation that is kindly appreciated. Thank you! 

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