Improvisations for Happy Days

In the middle of writing my article about the transformative times assisted by the essential oil of cypress (see post Cypress, the tree that keeps us together), my phone rang and I was invited to join the name-day celebrations of an angel. She was a beautiful angel with a big heart, though flying through her ups and downs of life somewhat wounded her wings.

I took the opportunity to surprise her with something exclusive, created specially for her, to bow her unique being, something that smells heavenly why transmitting cheerful signals on low days.

My point of start was my Love & Harmony blend created earlier which speaks for itself. Then I brought about all my happiest essential oils including neroli, mandarine, orange, bergamot and grapefruit. To spice it up with a hint of sweetness I added just a drop of clove bud, and also my beloved benzoe siam to help anchoring it all. Since this was to be a healing elixir to cheer the heart, Damask rose was an absolutely need-to-be there ingredient. Once the oil drops connected with each other, I diluted the mix in the Jasmine infused Metaxa I had made earlier. That created a soaking bath with a beautifully shining deep golden colour. I put the liquid into a spray bottle so she could indulge herself with this cheerful aroma whenever she feels for it.

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