If I could turn back time – for the first post

Where to start?

‘There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.’

I just run into this quote from Federico Fellini while feeling quite the same way and almost the exact same wording came to me and only wanted to double-check something on the web… Anyway, here is one way of starting with a short intro I put together for my LinkedIn profile maybe about a year ago:

As an experienced and passionate life transformation practitioner Ildiko is currently in transit to fulfil a dream lived in harmony with nature while continuing research, life-learning, entrepreneurial support, community building and field activities.

Sourcing from a lifetime of leadership background and now focusing on awareness and change creation Ildiko inspires and encourages individual and organisational transformation. Coaching, mentoring and creative presence for personal facilitation. Structural thinking, communication strategies and content creation for professional development.

Ildiko has been discovering alternative treatments, herbal medicine and aromatherapy as part of her journey for over 10 years and now transforming personal experiences to become a core spirit in her professional life.

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