2 years on Crete – how about a second post here?

The second anniversary of my landing on Crete and starting a new – or next stage of my – life is here to come. I kept delaying proper blogging over the months. At least I did some posting on facebook… better than nothing. I have piled up a huge amount of stories through pictures capturing my adventures. While still working out the way I wanna share them with you guys out there, here is another couple of lines that since proved to be long-standing.

I noted down these mission statement kind of blocks soon after I had moved to Crete two years ago, and I still like them as a great collection of words to somehow describe my life purpose. It is nice to see & feel when you are on the right track on your journey!

– Here are the lines from the summer of 2013 –

My passion about Crete, its nature and culture, herbs, aromatic plants, and culinary traditions was born when I first visited the island in 2009. Now, after four years of travelling back as a tourist every year, I finally decided to let myself follow a path of discovery and fulfilment of a new lifestyle by moving here.

My mission is to visit around Crete, meet with locals, and help the communities to keep the villages alive by discovering and sharing their treasures. Be it herbs, oils, local food and produce, music, culture – or simply the way people live here, and how it can influence others to come up with fresh thoughts and new approach to life.

My background as a businesswoman and entrepreneur for over 15 years brings a combination of a researcher approach, an analytical understanding, a strategic thinking and the daily routine of operations, sales, marketing, and communication methods.

My personality is open to search, watch, listen, understand, act, react and reflect thoughts, feelings and actions of other people. It is my way of existence to inspire, enlighten and encourage men and women in their endeavours.

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