Green eating olives conserved with lemon juice

As soon as I finished preparing the black olives in salt (see my post Preparing eating olives: the black guys), I continued with the green ones which go though a different process and consequently will taste quite something else too. As before, we go and select the most perfect olives, making sure they are intact and no worms inside. We discard any with blemishes, cuts, etc.

Once collected, the olives need to be washed well in water. Then we put them in clean glass jars, filling them up fully leaving no place between top and closure. We put a handful of salt (2 big spoons per litre jar) on top, and add freshly squeezed and filtered lemon juice, about 1.5 dl in each jar. After that we fill them up with water, close the bottles and shake them well.

Now, the last step of the preparation is hiding them for the next 6 months! Yes, indeed, they start their quiet period, so you want to put them in the cupboard, far from where you usually keep messing around. They should not be touched, moved or shook until next summer!

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