Cretan Goddess Welcome pack

I’ve been away travelling for three weeks. Returning to Crete is always exciting, however this time surprises came uncounted right from before arrival. There are some bits and pieces of this  that I would leave for just over a glass of drink with friendly conversations when we come up to share all our funny experiences on the island of wild.

Entering the door, my space felt so warm, shiny and fresh. It was dressed all over in flowers and fruits. Who’s the Angel behind that? Well, I knew immediately, it’s so much her style finding a way to get in (I truly forgot she had my spare key for emergencies…) and create beauty from the kindness of a heart. Susse Marianna Smedes from House of Healing is also a specialist in Wise Women Retreats on Crete, and her passion is to take care of women so they remember to take care of themselves.

She suggested for me to see these gifts symbolically as “your blossoming and harvesting fruits of all your levels” – Indeed I feel this way. Love, Greece & Gratitude.

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