Dare to Share

It takes a lot of courage to share yourself as you are.
No more, no less. The true authentic self. Which might change by minute-to-minute, day-by-day, year-by-year. It’s part of the experience we call life. How could we remain constant as we keep growing, keep developing? Feelings, people, places, keep coming and going. And yet, you always have to be with your own Self. Go through all these discussions or just silent hours, no matter what.

So… wouldn’t it make sense to get this Self to know better? To really do your very best in this exploration? To search, to learn, to experiment, eventually to step back, contemplate, process, understand, discover, reveal… And all the way, be open, transparent and true. Understanding that no matter what you were told in the early years, but showing yourself and sharing what you have is a good thing. This act of offering is very rewarding. Frees up a lot of energy from stored blocks of life and transforms them into building blocks of a life worth living! And then, as courage gets multiplied and becomes infectious, it spreads the light and becomes a double reward through the inspiration of others.

This note was born from a picture taken spontaneously by Susse Marianna Smedes from House of Healing, as I was sharing with her some of my latest findings in understanding personal motivations. No mask, no mascara.

To join me for a personal discovery that might be an amazing Life-changing Journey for you, please learn more about options on my signature website ildikoberecz.com.

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