The Art & Healing of The Heart

A series of photographs I made fairly spontaneously while visiting my friend Kezia Danabie at her beautiful Cretan cottage (Check out my album on the Charming Cretan cottage photography project from the previous year). It was in my attempt to encouraging her to share her talent and make her works more accessible via the internet.

We ended up on her rooftop in the middle of the summer heat. We used one of the walls in the roof garden as a display area to bring the paintings alive and place some of Kezia’s beautiful hand-made postcards into their authentic birthplace.

It was really just an act of rush, with very little styling or such, but just doing something is better than just sitting and doing nothing… isn’t it?

After the photo shooting, while chilling out in the shady living-room, I found a small and exciting treasure at Kezia’s bookcase titled Witch’s Brew: Good Spells for Healing. I thought good-hearted wanna-be witches have to have a book like this!

Witch's Brew: Good Spells for Healing

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