My secret garden

My secret garden… is not so secret anymore – to start with a quote from Depeche Mode.

How could I keep it secret for so long? I have certainly had my own time contemplating over all the beauty. Now it is time to share. You might enjoy seeing the world – and within that – my little wild garden through my eyes. And maybe that would inspire you to see your world in a different light. I believe it is really a question of view. It is a question of You.

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The garden came with the house in this quiet Cretan village where I live now. It is a small land with five orange trees, and the area around them became pretty wild during the winter months. On my move in six months ago, I was enthusiastic about working in the garden, but… nothing actually happened until recently, since I’ve been just watching the wildlife…

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About a month ago however, at the beginning of May, I decided to get the work finally started! After all I’ve been dreaming about having my own farm one day… so here is an opportunity to do something… in a space that is kinda the first garden of my life.

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