Herbal Blessings for the Broom

As I submerge in the world of plants with full presence, dedication and my respectful heart, I get more clarity and beautiful affirmations every single day. The following excerpt from the book Sacred Plant Initiations by Carole Guyett expresses the feelings I carry when I am being attracted by the amazing sweet smell of broom flowers. With lots of hesitation to harm them in any way, but I finally dare to stop by the roadside to pick a few…

‘I arise today with my hear full of gratitude.
I give thanks to you, Sacred Beings of the Plant World.
Thanks for your Beauty and Generosity,
Thanks for your Healing and Strength,
Thanks for your Inspiration and Guidance,
Thanks for your Love.
May I be guided by the power of Spirit to do your work.
Spirit, bi in my hands, my heart, my mind!
Let thy will be my will.
Bless Be!’

Groom (Spartium junceum)

Then I play with the word a bit, almost romantically mixing it up with groom which is only one letter away… but then I clear my mind and focus on the more witchy context whereas a groom might represent one of the most useful transportation tools to navigate oneself around… Anyway, to be slightly more serious, I then think of the description of the flower essence as you may read it on the website of Juin Gibson, our teacher of the Flower Essences Workshop and host of the Plant Spirit Retreat in Crete:

Clarity of purpose

When we feel bewildered, lost, confused, uncoordinated or stuck in repetitive negative thought patterns Broom helps us to sweep clean outmoded ideas and habits. It is useful when trying to let go of old behavior patterns, i.e. giving up smoking, losing weight or breaking other habits.  There is an old folk saying “a new broom sweeps clean”.

It enables us to shine the pure golden light of consciousness on a troubled mind. It brings balance, clarity and co-ordination between the mental and physical bodies and helps us to realign our thoughts and actions, logic and intuition, heart and mind. It also assists with understanding and retaining information.


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