Eucalyptus: A Breath of Hope

One morning two weeks ago, when I knew little about how the world could change soon… without the added layer of the events that were coming I simply did find very symbolic, what caught my eyes on the road.

There used to be a beautiful row of eucalyptus trees along the way between our village and the next. Not only felt heartbreaking to see more of them having been cut out during the past year, but now as one more got eliminated, I happen to capture the grotesque nature of things.

No.1. because a bunch of medicinal plants were lying right next to the rubbish bins.

No.2. because ironically, it was just outside of a pharmacy.

How far humanity has gone by alienating itself from nature, by eating rubbish and throwing medicine in the rubbish, and only trusting technology, often overusing and/or misusing it to fool ourselves in this vicious circle of lacking balance. Maybe you recall from eucalyptus flavoured candy drops, some other commercial scented products, or happen to actually know the medicinal properties? Eucalyptus carries some of the original plant qualities that people need right now, it is antibacterial, a great antiseptic for our respiratory system and anti-inflammatory!


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Ildiko Berecz is an intuitive mentor, coach and holistic therapist who is passionate about sharing her inspiring personal stories from behind the mountains of Crete island, while being on the road, searching and experiencing, capturing, collecting, distilling, making herbal preparations, blending botanical perfume and more. She offers her insights of authentic approach and humble practices for better understanding and appreciation of nature, herbal remedies and awareness of trustworthy natural applications in our self-development and everyday life practices. 

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