Baby Bird Rescue Therapy

Look who came for a therapy today? It was just the day before when I was told it is not us choosing the ones to come seeking for healing with us… Could not be more true.

2016-04-09 07.52.51_01

I couldn’t find any better place than the small singing bowl from Nepal. And this little soul gave me inspiration to using rose quarts when putting my azuri healing bowl therapy in practice to energize him, to give to support finding way back to life.

After a short while, my baby bird started to move his legs again and crying to express his needs. I took him back to the warmth of my hands again. He seemingly had more energy again. Then we had a ladder finally and he was put back in the loving nest!

Some people reminded me that the baby might not be accepted back by the parents since they smell it was touched by foreign human hands. I was monitoring the place after our rescue event, the mother was there many times during the day, and the little one inside, so I was hopeful.

PS: As a small follow-up image here, which might be just a romantic idea, but… I must say there is a birdy that from time to time flies into my living-room just to make a saluting circle and leave…

One time even staying longer and getting stuck somehow behind the window curtain. I was very touched by these visits and I thought it was the little one coming back to say hello.

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