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Extractions and Distractions – A Survival Guide For Aromatic Living in Lockdown – Part 1

By sharing excerpts from her journal, plant alchemist Ildiko Berecz would like to offer some highlights of the past year of how life went on during the pandemic with almost a whole year of lockdown on the Mediterranean Island of Crete in Greece. It is highly emphasised that the journal is not a panacea for pandemic, neither complete nor unbiased, yet focuses on the bright side of a dark year with aromatic and medicinal plants.

A Holistic Approach To Foundations of Aromatherapy

“This trip was so full of conflict, argument and self-questioning; it was a struggle that had begun long before she had found herself on Cretan soil.” Sounds like a statement from me and my personal journey, or perhaps many of you reading these lines may feel sort of that way… Engaging in an aromatic journey through life-changing decisions, we are learning to embrace the past and with it reclaim our innate power to change and pursue a more healthy, inspired and balanced life.

Take Your Thyme, Be Strong & Courageous

As I contemplate over the characteristics of thyme and the richness of my own personal history and experiences with it, I recall these words from the Hungarian poet Mihály Váci:     It’s not enough to fear,Fight the fight instead.It’s not enough to flicker,But burn with flames of red.Not enough to talk.But say what’s not …

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Plants Messages Reading & Guidance

Our 1-ON-1 Plant Messages Session is a treat of its own kind, using my sensitivity for subtle energies, a truly holistic approach to life, and a brilliant card set as a bridging tool to offer abundant inspiration, guidance and self-learning through the gentle power of plants and their transcendent messages. Bringing joy, wisdom and fulfilment, …

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In the mood for love

In The Mood for Love

Sometimes I just wonder… like the week as it’s been… invitation to Denmark… Harvesting oregano… Finding a dead cat… then a shovel and an easy soil, digging, putting her under ground… Recognising some old patterns and facing tricky fears… The infinity and beyond… Doing yoga every day to balance myself…  Going to an aerial silk class… Attending …

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