New Beginning

Transformative journeys on Crete

Individual or small-group transformative holiday programme on the beautiful Greek island of Crete where we work together with participants bearing openness and willingness to be the change and become creative partners to tune into their own life-changing process. In the settings of the inspiring Cretan landscape we are tapping into present life stages, mapping actual physical, mental, emotional and

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What a lucky day already, and now the sea is absolutely calm

Stills from stillness – Kayaking in Sfakia

How do you get to rejoice a magnificent water journey in Sfakia alongside the South shores of Crete? You have to know the right people to get to the most magnificent places.  And I am not talking about the on-purpose, business-oriented, networking-to-get-what-you-want sort of approach. I mean our natural-born curiosity combined with a tiny bit of open-hearted coming.

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Transformative journeys


Become a traveller on a winding road and enjoy the transformation on your journey! Essential Reflections is an inspirational coaching journal of life-learning experiences through journeys to the heart, self discovery, relationships, health, personal transformation, medicinal plants & aromatherapy, inspiring food and travel ideas. About Ildiko, your guide on this website Ildiko Berecz is an intuitive mentor,

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