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And welcome to Essential Reflections’ VIP section of The Aroma Summit 2023. Hope you would enjoy Ildiko speaking about her Aromatic Journeys on Crete – New Ways of Teaching and Learning Aromatherapy, as well as listening to many of the amazing ‘Aromatherapy Around the World’ teachers, their therapeutic practices with aromatic and medicinal plants and their formulations.

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Calendar & Flash Cards

Essential Reflections’ TRAVEL THROUGH PLANTS Calendar & Flash Cards are two sets of downloadable PDF documents to facilitate connecting with aromatic plants. The monthly calendar comes with a beautiful selection of inspiring plant visuals captured by Ildiko Berecz on Crete Island in Greece. The corresponding Flash Cards feature 12 Plant cards with additional pictures, unique descriptions, and accompanying questions to facilitate aromatic studies, field explorations and inspire plant journeys.

You are welcome to print the Calendar pages, or save them on your computer and scroll through the pages. You can also transfer them to be used as a screensaver or desktop backgrounds and enjoy looking at the beautiful Plants!
The corresponding Flash Cards will give you a bit of an inspiring insights to the plant of the month, as well as a couple of questions, hints, and keys to further your explorations on the aromatic fields.

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Meanwhile, we remain grateful you are here and wish you a beautiful continued aromatic journey!

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Ildiko Berecz


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