We are located in East Crete, close to the town of Agios Nikolaos just about an hour (60 km) from Heraklion International Airport.

Our aromatic fields are a short drive away, close to Kritsa village. All of these locations are at easy distance – within about 10 km radius. This page is put together in order to help you with a little orientation before your journey, and in light of this, to organise our time together. Your choice of accommodation may also depend on whether you will drive a car while you are on Crete, or simply, what you want to experience more!

We honour your personal preferences, and would like to list here a couple of various accommodation options in the nearby areas. These are situated either:
– in
 the picturesque traditional village of Kritsa
– in the heart of the charming town of Agios Nikolaos, or 
– the outskirts of the town along the lovely beaches.

In addition, you may find plenty of nearby places via, airbnb, or any other agents. Due to the specific nature of the Cretan landscape, the map may not give you a full picture of convenient access, so if you may want to check your accommodation choice with us before your final booking, you are welcome to do so.

For more about local transportation, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

We love to meet and gather with our visitors at one of our close-by favourite seaside cafes ‘To Votsalo‘, so we added a pin to highlight this as a point of reference.

Please scroll down for our kick-off accommodation lists.

Agios Nikolaos,
Ammoudara seaside

Transfers and Local transportation

AIRPORT transfers

Private airport transfers from/to Heraklion airport usually cost around 80 euro one way (to Agios Nikolaos). We can arrange that for you upon request.

While you are attending a retreat-journey with us in Crete, depending on our arrangements most likely you will travel with us during the day, including transportation from/to your accommodation.

LOCAL transportation

By car:
If you wish to rent a car for your free explorations, and for the rest of your time, and need a recommendation, here is one local car rental company to start with: KERA Tours, Cars, Travel 

If you choose to stay in Kritsa village, and not driving a car, here is a couple of more ideas for traveling between Agios Nikolaos and Kritsa: bus, taxi or (electric) bike.

By bus:
The local KTEL bus service usually operates 6 times per day between Agios Nikolaos and Kritsa, the travel time on the bus is 15 minutes and the fare is approx 2 euro. KTEL also run buses to/from Heraklion airport. 

Within the town of Agios Nikolaos, there is also a public city bus service that takes you around and on the link you can check out the route and timetable. 

By foot:
By the way, if you like walking, you may easily get around 
on foot everywhere in Agios Nikolaos which is a small town with a population of about 10.000 people. 

By bike:
Orfanakis Bike company in Agios Nikolaos comes with a great selection of standard and electric bikes, and they also have an online booking service for bicycles, just as well as Bicycle Rental Crete.


Crete is the largest and most Southern Greek island of the Mediterranean Sea, considered to be the birthplace of the Gods and the cradle of Europe. In recent times, the island has attracted many people – both Greeks and other nationalities – to find a new home on this land. Spiritual leaders from all over the world are visiting Crete and acknowledge the special energy vortex over the island. It is also mentioned as the root chakra of Europe that – just as 5000 years ago – has a special task in raising awareness, developing Earth culture, and bringing Universal balance to a higher level.

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