One of my childhood books I received as a Christmas gift was titled “I am bored, what can I do?” – Honestly, I don’t remember what was in that book, and I am not quite sure whether reading this at an early age boosted my life, but feels nice to give it a credit anyway.

What can I say, I am very far for being bored and I have always had many interests. (In relation to this, here is some food for thoughts and understanding, an inspiring talk from Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love.) By now, like following many of Ariadne’s threads in my life, I have dedicated myself in the development and practice in some exciting areas that give me joy with the miraculous effect of bringing happiness into others’ lives.

I will write more about these – if not yet appeared on my website. Meanwhile, here is the shortlist for you and for me, as an idea and guide for further action:

I am bored! What can I do?

Transformative massage
Intuitive coaching
Research & development
Alternative guide
Life-changing retreats

If you feel a connection with what I am sharing here, please leave a reflecting comment, get in touch with me to find out what we can create together or ask for an appointment for some inspiring time!

Be it in a bright day or a (relatively) freezing Cretan winter –
I will be happy to hear about you while living life in our magical island of transformation.

Hotline on a windy day in the island of Crete
Hotline with a cooling breeze on the island of Crete
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